TomTom Launch Runner and Multisport Watches


As previewed by Latest Gadgets in April, TomTom have finally launched their exciting Runner and Multi-Sport wrist-pieces. Boasting a GPS pedigree that’s second to none, and a tried and tested track record (literally) powering Nike’s Sportswatches, TomTom have clearly done plenty of legwork and timed their debut sole entrance into an already healthy market very well indeed.

From the basic/borderline budget models (Timex’s Marathon or Soleus’s GPS 1.0 Running Watch) to the big ticket professional sports mates (anything in Garmin’s extensive range) the running community are blessed with a bounty of wrist-bound tracking options. But whether you’re spending £50 or £300, one thing remains consistent: bulkiness.

So far the chunky size of sports watches has largely regarded as ‘par for the course’. Even by today’s standards watch technology that tracks your distance, your route, your heart rate, your speed and your calories while offering you ghost running buddies AND tells you the time simply must be on the chubby side, right?

Not any more… Both TomTom’s Runner and Multisport are 11.5mm thick, making them some of the skinniest running watches in town. And don’t worry; there are no concessions for functionality, either. In fact they’re both teaming with exciting functions for runners in all conditions outdoor and indoor as TomTom have included highly accurate sensors to allow complete indoor track mapping for treadmill running (just in case you think the treadmill’s own distance data function is fibbing!)

Other benefits shared across the two models include a distinctive, bold data display, multi-platform functionality with all running-based social media sites and, most interestingly, TomTom’s QuickGPSFix. Another bug-bear of all sportswatch users (even the really pricey ones) is waiting for the GPS to identify your location.

Sure, that time is best invested in stretching and warming up, but on a rainy day when you’re finding it hard to drum up the intestinal fortitude to get out there in the first place, waiting for your watch to find your location can be rather irksome. TomTom reckon their GLONASS technology will bid this mild running annoyance adieu.

Enjoy more than running? Then the TomTom Multi-Sport is for you. An ideal solution for any triathletes, its design lends itself to both cycling (outdoor and track) and swimming thanks to a cadence sensor, an altimeter and motion sensor. Go for the top of the range and you’ll even enable a SWOLF score that details your swimming efficiency.

Sounds great, right? Well, here’s the best bit… There’s only one button to access all of these functions. No fiddly touchscreen techniques, no multi-button combos like you’re back on Street Fighter on the SNES, TomTom have ensured a very simple way of reaching the information and data you need to enhance, record and share your sporting successes. Both weatherproof, waterproof and home to a 10 hour battery in GPS mode and sitting pretty at the middle of the market with a price tag between £149.99-£179.99, TomTom’s arrival in the sports watch world appears to be very impressive indeed.