Video: Orbotix announce Sphero 2B at CES 2014

Whilst wondering around this year’s packed CES Unveiled, it was hard not to notice/trip-over the new Sphero 2B from the folks at Orbotix. The 2B is the latest addition to the company’s portfolio of connected, app-controlled, toys. Taking on a new tubular form factor compared with the original Sphero, the 2B comes with interchangeable parts, … Continue reading Video: Orbotix announce Sphero 2B at CES 2014

Orbotix Announce Launch of Sphero 2.0

Last year I had the privilege of playing with Sphero, a crazy little robot ball that you controlled with your smartphone or tablet. It was basically what TV promised us toys of the future would look like- alongside jetpacks and hoover boards. Sphero could roll around and flash colours and was a great way to … Continue reading Orbotix Announce Launch of Sphero 2.0

Sphero: Roll with IT

Among Michael Bay’s many crimes, first and foremost in my mind is “making robots boring”. Even when I learned as a child that robots existed and mostly put together cars, there was still a fascination with them until Bay managed to make “giant robots fighting” into an epic three-part snoozefest. If only someone could make … Continue reading Sphero: Roll with IT