Logitech Preview: Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K80, HD Pro Webcam C910 and Wireless Speaker Z515

Logitech were kind enough to invite LatestGadgets to preview the range of technology they are bringing out. Lots of gadgets were on show but here are some of the most innovative products, each with their own special feature.


Logitech have launched the Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800, an upgrade from the wired little sister. A new feature to the keyboard is the ambient light sensors which automatically adjust the keyboard’s brightness based on your environment. Motion sensors detect your hands as you approach the keyboard and turn backlighting on and then turn it off when your hands move away. This allows more battery life, of up to 10 hours without recharging. Intelligent keyboard, do you not think? This is great for when you are working in the evening and perhaps you do not always the lights on. With the illuminated keyboard, you will still be able to see what you need. The micro-USB will recharge the onboard batteries while you type so you do not need to worry about even replacing the batteries. The Wireless Illuminated keyboard is available now for £89.99.

Latest Gadgets got to the test Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910. The Webcam records in Full 1080p HD and I can say the video we saw was crisp and clear. It shoots video calls in 720p HD for clear and fluid video calls. Photographs are in high-resolution 10 megapixels. The C910 features 2 mics, one on either side of the Carl Zeiss lens. You can upload videos easily to Facebook and YouTube with one click. For the budding directors, the software comes with video-editing tools to make your movies. With so many HD webcams coming out, how does the C910 compare? The HD Pro C910 is compatible with Skype and other VoIP software however the nearest webcam, FaceVision Touchcam N1, is compatible with Skype only so it not as flexible. The image quality is also better on the C910. So if you are looking for a webcam for business or even personal use, the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910 is available from £89.99.

For audio on the go, Logitech have released the Wireless Speaker Z515. The Z515 frees you from the hassle of cables by letting you have your speakers up to 50 feet away. Built for use with a laptop, iPad or iPhone, it is easy to connect as you do not even to pair it with your device. All you need to do is plug the wireless adaptor included into a USB port on your laptop. For iPad and iPhones, put your device into discovery mode and the Logitech Z515 speaker will find it wirelessly. Dual two –inch drivers provide full-stereo sound with bass for decent sound quality. The rechargeable battery can power the speaker for up to 10 hours. Aesthetically, I find it a bit bland but maybe that’s because I just like shiny things. The Z515 offers 360-degree audio allowing the sound to project evenly in all directions. Unfortunately, it does not have a remote control but for portable speaker do you need one? It can easily be stored in the travel case included with the speaker. The Logitech Wireless Speaker is currently available for £89.99. We should have a review coming out next week.

Sony SRS-DB500 2.1ch PC speakers review: Homely entertainment system

Ugly looking, heavy to carry and obscenely big, there is a lot not to like about the Sony SRS-DB500s. As I struggled off the bus with them and awkwardly tried to keep the box from dropping down the road, I had already formulated 300 choice words about the 300W 2.1 ch PC speakers, none of them complimentary. Then I plugged them in and almost all was forgiven.


Yes the sub-woofer is absurdly large, almost the same size as an upturned printer. But the bass! I pumped some Augustus Pablo through and was more than pleased with the performance from the sub. There is a large glowing volume knob and two buttons that allow you to tweak the bass and the treble settings. Don’t touch these – you get better results using your PC’s digital EQ.

There is also an auxiliary input function so you can hook up a friend’s PMP, or anything with a 3.5 mm jack really. There is also a rudimentary remote control with input selection, volume, treble, bass and on/off functionality. Batteries are not included.

The two square, blocky-looking satellites, whilst less impressive than the sub-woofer, still dominate any desk they sit on and take up a bit too much space for my liking.

Tossing my Augustus Pablo CD to one side (The excellent Rockers Meets King Tubbys In A Firehouse) I threw in Jungle Mania and was again delighted with the results – although my flatmates considerably less so.

So for sheer audio quality the SRS-DB500s impress – it’s a reliable PC speaker with deep bass and an … well a polite way to say it would be an imposing look.

However the price is a little steep at £199 – much better than the cheaper PC speakers out there but the same price as the gorgeous Auluxe Dew speakers we reviewed here. If you dig the look of the SRS-DB500s then you will walk away happy. If you want something slight smaller with an equally pretty punch take a good look (and listen) at the Dew. Or check out the 5.1 SRS-DB511s which are designed to attact “Gen-Y PC users” and which I’ve been reliably informed are the new hotness.