SOUNDSIGHT: World’s first video recording smart headphones


What do you expect from your headphone these days? To give you good sound surely, and maybe a wireless connection to give you freedom of movement during your weekly jogging – but what about a camera?

Soundsight Headphones do just that! You can record video up to 720p HD resolution and take pictures up to 1080p HD all of that by just taping the left side. You may think why? But now a days it is all about sharing and been able to do that freely as possible. The headphone will last up to 4 hours with the camera in constant recording, 18 hours when using noise cancellation and 24 hours on standby. The headphones on-board memory is 8G and they come with a Bluetooth connection (through partner Tectonic Audio Labs) that promises to provide HiFi studio sound quality equal to when the headphone are wired. The headphones also have noise cancellation, USB audio output and has a frequency range between 16 to 20,000Hz.

Headphone are big business at the moment with news that Bose has just filed a lawsuit has reported in the media (Forbes) against Beats for patents infringing on the noise cancellation. This comes on the back of the other big news that Apple have now officially completed the purchase of Beats.

SoundSight headphones are available in black as well

The headphones will come with a free standard app to download on your devices to edit your sound and video. Until the 30th of July you will be able to download the premium version for free and after that it will cost you $4.99 (£3.90).

With the app you will be able to “utilize the patented ColorTune™ auto-suggest feature to match video colors to music notes with a simple touch of the hand, trim, apply film-look filters, edit and Clip&Mix™ music from your device for video content through the SoundSight application”.

You can pre-order now at Soundsight for $349 (£205) for delivery by Christmas. Otherwise, if you want to wait and see what they’re like, they will be in retail by Spring 2015 for $499 (£293).