Sun-powered sounds on the move with the Eton Soulra XL

Back in May (which was, it now appears, when we had our summer), I enjoyed a couple of weeks of excellent quality sound in the garden thanks to the Eton Soulra solar-powered sound system.


I was pretty impressed by its easy of use, sound quality and compatibility, so I suspect that the same will be true of its latest release – a solar-powered boombox that goes by the name of the Soulra XL.

The device looks pretty good, and is triangular in shape – reminiscent of a giant Toblerone. The dock sits behind a waterproof antiglare glass that should protect it during outdoor use and also allow you to view the display if the sun is glaring.

The solar panel is retractable and can provide more than five hours of playing time – it will also charge up an iPad or iPhone in four hours – really handy if you’re away camping, or out for the day on the beach or in a park.

The portable sound system includes eight speakers, two woofers, two tweeters and four passive radiators to help push out the sound from a powerful 22-watt amplifier, as well as a remote control.

It has a gel-cushioned carry strap for portability and a mains adaptor for use indoors.

Fifty quid more pricey than the last unit I reviewed, the Eton Soulra XL is still a pretty reasonable £199.99, and if portability is a big issue for you, it looks like Eton has addressed it here.