PS4 DualShock controller gets overhaul, but is it enough to challenge Xbox?


One of the biggest names in the gaming industry, Sony’s PlayStation has routinely been one of the top consoles on the market. For owners, this has meant access to a great selection of games, incredible graphics and plenty of additional content. There was just one problem – the controller.

Although sufficient for the job, Sony always seemed to lag behind its rivals where controls were concerned. Whilst Nintendo paved the way for motion-detection technology with the wand-like remote for the Wii, Xbox found a way to better the gamepad style – something which was a bit of a sticking point for Sony … until now.

Enter the PS4 DualShock4 controller. It’s had a considerable overhaul from previous versions but is it finally enough to challenge Microsoft?

What’s changed?

Perhaps the most obvious change to the control is the touch-sensitive interface found on the front. This is designed to recognise small swipes and finger presses in the same way as an iPhone or Wii U gamepad but it also allows you to use it as a giant button, offering a clicking feature.

The rest of the controls remain much the same as they were on previous models, at least where their position and general appearance is concerned. Scratch the surface though and you find a number of small adjustments that make the world of difference to gamers.

On the analogue controls, the tops are now more or less concave. They have a recessed centre which is more nuanced than before – something intended to increase grip and keep all players happy. Comfort is heightened thanks to angled ridges at the side with the overall aim being to cushion players’ thumbs within the centre to allow easy and solid movements.

Even the heights of the analogue sticks have been lowered to help gamers move between different controls with ease while elsewhere on the controller the D pad controls have been made more pronounced with the buttons giving a sloping angle so that thumbs slot neatly towards the centre for more secure and comfortable control.

Why change?

Always striving to improve the services they offer, the new controller from Sony was developed to elevate game playing to a whole new level. Feedback influenced the decisions made by Sony heavily, helping them to develop a controller that would be comfortable and beneficial to all gamers.

This is something which Xbox themselves had success with when developing their 360 controller – using customer feedback to redevelop their D pad control to make games which require precise movements (such as fighting games) easier to play.

Sony’s decision to listen to their audience has meant that the PS4 controller has received plenty of praise already – and this spells good news for the brand.

Whether it manages to finally be considered superior to the Xbox’s offering remains to be seen but with such strong credentials already behind its name already, we’re sure that people will be rushing to to get their hands on the latest controllers for their new next-generation console.


Image courtesy of Alan Klim. This was a sponsored article.