Via.Me: The Social Media App that Does it All, a new social publishing platform from developers RadiumOne, launched on March 1st. The app enables you to publish content to different social media accounts, without having to log in to separate websites or apps to do so. The first of its kind on the app market, shares text, video, images and voice notes with a single tap. In a world where very few people have just one social media account, and businesses are utilizing social networks for publicity and promotional purposes, is a useful tool for professionals and consumers alike.


Instead of adding another social network an already crowded market, provides an easy way to publish to several different networks at once. As well as being compatible with the big name networks Facebook and Twitter, also rivals the mega-popular photo app, Instagram, with 17 built-in photo filters that enable users to edit and stylise their photos before sharing them.

Designed for both consumers and businesses, helps people send information to their networks faster and with more convenience. Users can view comments others leave on their posts through the app, and it also provides detailed analysis and statistics for brands and businesses on their social media presence and reach.

Users can create an account at and publish to any of their social networking profiles from a computer, in addition to using the app. Both the app and desktop versions are simple to use, with a sleek, intuitive interface, and allow users to choose which websites they want to publish to with each individual post.

We created a great product that not only is fun to use for consumers, but becomes a game changer for brands and publishers,” said Gurbaksh Chahal, CEO of RadiumOne. “ is the easy, simple solution that enables publishing multiple types of content from one place across all your social profiles. is currently only available as for iPhone and as a desktop app, however RadiumOne are looking to release the app to other platforms in the near future. The app is free and available from the iTunes store. To fine out more, visit, or watch a short video that demonstrates the app here.

Alcatel OT-810: A cute featurephone for the budget conscious

In case you were wondering I’m not a fashion-obsessed teenage girl – or any kind of teenage girl really. But I couldn’t help but emit a “kawaiii” (an adjective routinely emitted by Japanese girls when adorable or cute things swing into their line of sight) on seeing the Alcatel OT-810 (despite its distinctively un-kawaii name).


Why? Well it’s just so gosh-darn cute, but that aside the palm shaped clamshell phone has a lot to say for itself. The outside has an LED matrix that throws up a number of patters – like twinkly stars or bunny rabbits. It’s also very shiny so you can check yourself, well in advance of wreaking yourself. For the more practically minded (and seriously what are you doing looking at this phone) there is a full QWERTY keyboard, which is handy for avid texting teens.

The OT-810 also has a range of modern connectivity options. You can SMS obviously but you can also IM, Tweet or Facebook with relative ease. Even better you can access most webmail accounts and apparently it supports push mail so you won’t have to obsessively check it every 5 minutes (although I check my push-mail enabled iPhone almost constantly anyway). It also packs and FM radio and Opera mini.

There’s a micro-SD slot so you can expand storage up to 16GB. There’s also a neat little USB feature that allows you to stream video from the 2.0 megapixel camera so you can clip it onto the edge of a PC monitor and have a make-shift web cam.

Whilst this isn’t the latest and greatest in mobile phone technology, it’s a to know that there’s a lot out there for anyone shopping on a budget.

Out at the start of November from Carphone Warehouse for £30. If you buy one in store you will get a free gift voucher to redeem a Barry M lipgloss. How can you say no to that?

Hellotxt Journls for iPad: All your social networks in one place

How much time do you spend on social networks? Logging in here, commenting there, it all takes time and before I know it, it is bedtime. Would it not be nice to have a central location to view all your feeds, updates and tweets? Hellotxt Journls (yes, I spelt it right) is a dashboard allowing you to see all your social networks in one place.


I took the time to download the free app and the layout is an easy to use magazine format personalised to your interests. You can add feeds according to your interest and the journl takes a few minutes to setup. You have multiple journals for each of your interests. Perhaps you want a sports journal and another for technology? Looking for that long lost update? No problem, keep track of older posts long after the networks remove the link as Hellotxt Journls has a unique caching system.

A big issue I have with some apps is that they can only be used while connected to wi-fi so when you are out and about, it can be an issue. With Hellotxt, update your journals then go offline and you can still browse the updates. Good train reading I think.

Posting an update is easy. You can add pictures and select which social media to update. Well my followers better watch out as I will be tweeting and updating a lot more. During setup, it asks you about interests and recommends sites which you can follow. I like this feature as I now know about sites which I never heard about but are very interesting.

Did you know the average person in UK spends 33.9 surfing the web and social networks. That’s over a day and I know I spend at least double that online. I complain constantly how there is not enough hours in the day so perhaps this might help me? The iPad app is available now from the iTunes store for free.

Adding a ‘social layer’ to the travel industry with the Gekko Facebook app

Who can blame companies, no matter how big or small, wanting to integrate somehow with Facebook, after all the social networking giants have got more than 750 million active users worldwide. Gekko, the personalised international hotel booking service, is the latest company to join the Facebook integrating trail, unveiling a one-stop Facebook application that simplifies travel planning and purchasing, via the world’s biggest social networking site.


When it comes to travel we do often turn to our friends and family, our ‘trusted’ sources, who often have similar tastes to us, about where to go and what to see, so why not exploit this valuable information ahead of your travel plans?

The new Gekko Facebook app is the first all-in-one Facebook travel app, with a social twist. By collecting and organising travel recommendations from friends, users are tuned in to the best locations, deals and places to visit from their valued and reliable sources. The app also features a “Request-a-Deal” button, which, by just one click, allows bars, restaurants and hotels reply to users directly with personalised offers, enabling users to be informed of the best prices and book accordingly.

Talking about the new app, Gekko’s CEO Michel Cassius said:

“Gekko is evolving the hotel discount model. Consumers get the best price and are offering highly personalised deals by hotels worldwide and by restaurants, clubs and bars. And with our full Facebook integration we add the social layer to the booking process, making it both engaging and fun.”

And being fun is what social networking is all about, right? Being able to interact with others virtually and share thoughts, information and advice is at the core of social networking, forums and other online interactive sources and Gekko is evolving this trend into the travel industry. Users of the Gekko Facebook app can exchange useful tips of travel, track and trace new travel discoveries and share lists of favourites and personal insights about particular bars, beaches or walks, anything associated with travel.

Find Gekko here: