Head Sensor BT Runtastic: Getting down on the slopes

I hate going on about how cold it gets in winter. But man alive is it nippy out. And that’s just in my tiny East London cave. Imagine if I was hitting the slopes. A ridiulous image for many, many reasons. If however you are way, way cooler than I am then you may be delighted to know that Runtastic and Head have teamed up to build the world’s first fully integrated helmet in winter sports – The Head Sensor BT Runtastic.


Head have already won awards for their helmet design and the Head Sensor takes something that’s already great and rams a load of technology into it – something that almost always makes me happy. Head Sensor, the base model for Head’s Sensor BT Runtastic, is the winner of the German ADAC helmet test.

The helmet integrates the Runtastic app, Bluetooth, fully functioning speakers, and a microphone. Obviously you can listen to music, call people, and have lovely back and forths with Siri.

Like most modern things, the helmet is paired with an app, Runtastic’s side of the deal, which provides voice feedback on your speed, altitude, distance covered, route, and average speed, all the while monitoring your heart rate and calorie consumption with the included chest strap heart rate monitor.With way over 14 million downloads, more than five million registered users on runtastic.com, and 300,000 active daily users, Runtastic is one of the most popular fitness app provider available.

Sharing is another key buzzword for modern living and the app enables you to share your stats and experiences on social media platforms. Followers can interact with you by recording a personal message or pressing one of the cheering buttons on runtastic.com to egg you on before a big trick or hardcore run.

Available now