CineLite: Great Mobile Tracking Shots


A great dolly shot is an essential weapon in a cinematographer’s arsenal and Vacion brings this range of movement to mobile videography with the CineLite camera slider.

Much like the full-size sliders used by video professionals, the CineLite allows for incredibly smooth tracking shots. Fitted with self-lubricating Drylin bearings, using the slider felt comparable to shooting on much larger (and considerably more expensive) systems.

CineLite sliders are drilled and tapped so it’s easy to fit to a standard tripod – I attached mine to a Gorrilapod at all sorts of crazy angles. Each rail is supplied with a moulded foot at each end so you can also just lie them flat on surfaces for stable shots. The slider uses a hard anodised rail using a 5mm wide runner with a 30mm pitch.

A mobile phone mount for the slider is included that fits most “normal” sized smartphones – if you’ve gone the phablet route you will struggle here. The clamp is very firm and held my iPhone 5 tightly – even with a case, Olloclip lens and Blue Mikey attached.

Out of the box the slider is 500mm, although you can order custom rail lengths if you need a little extra. This is longer than the most obvious rival for this product, Glidetrack’s Mobislyder (which clocks in at 430 mm). The look and feel is also a bit more professional/duller than the Mobislyder depending on how you view these things. The somber greys and blacks aren’t as fun and playful as the Mobilslyder’s bright green design but the construction feels much more solid and reliable. More importantly the camera grip is much more solid than the Mobislyder so minor wobbles don’t creep into your shots (the whole point of having a stable dolly system in the first place).

If you’re getting creative with your mobile photography it’s definitely one to look out for.

CineLite is out now from Vacion for £125