HTC Sensation XE: Beats Audio on your smartphone

HTC have recently just announced the arrival of the Sensation XE into the market, and for HTC fans that demand a big more bang from their portable music player it looks like being just the ticket.

HTC’s much publicised buyout of Beats Audio, the audio equipment company headed up by Dr Dre, was backed up by the promise of future integration of Beats Audio software into HTC hardware, with the Sensation XE is the first in what will no doubt be a long and fruitful partnership.


First off though, let’s look at the phone itself. The screen is a healthy 4.3 inch gHD with 540 x 960 resolution. Like the Sensation it’s also packing an 8 MP camera, so those pictures of Fit Lyndsey you took in Oceana will upload nice and crisply onto Facebook. It also comes with 1080p HD video capture functionality, so the video of her back at yours could viably find its way into the public domain if you so wanted that to happen. They’ve also upgraded the battery to a 1730Ah, which will be a big relief for all those who had the Sensation and were frequently frustrated by the shortness of its life; It seems you might actually be able to take the XE to a festival and risk using the thing.

It’s got the latest version of Android (2.3) so you’ll be free to whizz around the phone in the way you know best, with what with its Youtube integration. Maps, Apps, Gmail and all the other bits that the seasoned HTC user will want and indeed demand.

But come on, we know what you want to know; it’s all about the Beats with this cheeky litte number. How does it work? What goods will the Dr dish out? Well, the phone comes with some official Beats Audio earphones headphones (not over the ear ones though, unfortunately, so you might want to invest in some for full optimisation of the Beats experience). Every time you plug these in a Beats Audio profile automatically loads up and it is this that synchronises the phone to all the optimum sounds levels that should give you upgraded bass galore. Effectively, it’s a sound equaliser you don’t have to do all that faffy fiddling with. Reviews we’ve read of the XE have stated that there is certainly increased sound quality with the Beats profile and headphones, though so it seems they are doing their job.

The golden touch that HTC might just have achieved with the Beats Audio link-up is the instant credibility it garners. After being nudged down a notch by the Samsung Galaxy S2, HTC needed an ace up its sleeve to make it appear to the teen on the corner or the commuter on the tube. In days where iPhones are lauded (almost) as much for their image as for their functionality, you cannot ignore the relevance of Dre et al in the battle for bragging rights.