Cirago iAlert Tag – Never Lose Your Apples


We’ve all done it haven’t we? How many times have you put down your iPhone somewhere and forgotten where it is? I know I constantly leave mine in the car or end up ringing it from another phone to locate it.

The iAlert Tag from Apple accessory specialist Cirago is a neat device which will ensure that you’ll never have to go searching for your Apple devices ever again. It’s essentially a viper alarm device which pairs with your iPhone or iPad or both, via Bluetooth 4 and the moment either one is separated from the tag you receive an alert either as a vibration or a preset alarm.

A free companion app is also available which allows you to customise the alert sound you want together with some additional security options. For example if you have the tag on your key ring and have left that somewhere, you can get the tag to sound an alert via your iphone or iPad. You can even use the tag to lock your laptop or notebook if you want to step away from it for a few minutes.

The tag supports the Apple iPhone 4S, 3rd Generation iPad, and Windows PC equipped with Bluetooth 4.

The IAlert Tag’s  low energy emissions means your device will stay active for at least 12 months  before you’ll need to replace the battery.

Patrick Lo, President of Cirago International remarks “The iAlertTag is an easy to use and energy efficient device that can help users track and find their misplaced mobile device.”

Available at Amazon for around £30

Back to School: 5 Must-Have Student Gadgets

Summer might still be hanging around, but it’s not long until the days will start to cool off again, and students will be back at college or university. If you’re hitting the books this autumn, or you know someone who is, here is a list of 5 must-have gadgets that will help you through the academic year ahead.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Noise-cancelling headphones used to be the territory of the gadget elite, but market competition and cheaper technology has made them a popular choice among the general population too. If you have a long commute to university, or simply need to block out the sound of noisy flatmates, noise-cancelling headphones like the Audio Technica ATH-ANC7b QuietPoint® Active Noise-cancelling Headphones are a sturdy, budget choice. Noise-cancelling headphones start at around £25, but the cheaper versions can vary in quality. Audio Technica’s headphones retail for around £70.


The Apple iPad has become a must-have accessory for students and professionals alike. There isn’t much you can’t do on an iPad, and its portability makes it perfect for reading, writing and browsing online. You can also purchase a wide range of apps through the Apple Store to enhance your studies – and make the most out of your down time. The new iPad starts at £399, or £499 with built-in 3G capabilities.

HP All-In-One Printer Scanner

Save multiple trips to the library and spare change on photocopying with an all-in-one printer and scanner, like the HP Deskjet 3050A. Scan and copy pages, and enjoy the convenience of wireless and e-mail printing. The HP Deskjet 3050A’s e-printing capabilities means you can email documents from any device, including iPad, iPod Touch and smartphones. Despite its multi-purpose design, the printer is small enough to fit almost anywhere. The HP Deskject 3050A retails for £40.

Kensington Laptop Lock

The Kensington laptop lock slots into your computer, and enables you to attach your machine to a nearby table, pipe or similar sturdy object. The principle is similar to that of a bike lock, and it can prevent opportunistic theft of your most valuable items. Several variations of the Kensington lock are available. You can also purchase slot adapters to use with flat-screen monitors, docking stations, tablet PCs, printers, and any other compatible device. Locks start at around £14.99.


GadgetTrak isn’t technically a gadget in itself, but it will help protect your much-loved devices. You can install this software on your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry or Android, and use it if your device gets stolen. Once installed, GadgetTrak will locate your device, and even sends you a photo of the thief. GadgetTrack have different products for iOS, other mobile devices and laptops. Protection starts at £2.50 for the iOS app.

Bullet proof! Four gadgets not to be messed with

“Bullet proof gadgets” you may cry aghast that there are such products. Although as we saw last summer with the English riots that stunned the whole world, Britain’s yob culture is a force not to be taken lightly. The shock of the English riots may have eventually settled down but the memories of the hooded yobs instilling fear and mayhem on Britain’s streets have far from faded and therefore taking the precaution of ‘bullet proofing’ your gadgets might not be as far-fetched as it first sounds.

Hence there is now a market for bullet proof gadgets – Check out these four.


Bullet Proof iPhone case

People will go to long lengths to protect their beloved iPhones, which happen to be one of the most ‘nickable’ items of modern society. Therefore when Japanese technology manufacturers, Marudai, unveiled its ‘indestructible’ steel case that can resist a .50 caliber round, instead of creating outrage, the world of tech embraced the creation as the ‘perfect protection for those planning to recreate the infamous iPhone vs gun’ videos on YouTube, whereby some crazy guys shoot at their iPhones and other gadgets just to ‘see what happens’.

This $650 – yes $650 – bullet proof case features an inch thick slab of steel plating that Marudai claims can resist a .50 caliber round – Trust the Japanese!

Pretec i-Disk Bullet Proof

In the underground world of a London gang being able to boast that your USB stick is bullet proof is likely to be worth a touch of credibility. But for those of us living a non-criminal existence would there be any point in owning a Pretec i-Disk Bullet Proof? I mean what are the chances of your USB stick being shot at?

Asides being bullet proof, data transfers with the tiny I-Disk are apparently super-speedy and as well as getting mobile lock software for locking down your PC or laptop, the i-Disk contains a Security Zip for wrapping up precious data in password-protected armour – Now that’s more like it!

Bullet Proof undies

According to Tech News Daily, US marines recently requested for 27,500 pairs of “ballistic undergarments” – bullet proof undies!

Made from a special anticmicrobial double weave silk, the ultra-tough underwear will help protect soldiers and marines from low-angle explosives associated with landmines and other explosives.

Bullet Proof nail varnish

Whilst nail polish can hardly be considered as being a gadget, the ludicrousness of there being such a thing as bullet proof nail varnish makes it worthy of a mention. To avoid those ghastly chips from occurring on your nails before you’ve even left the house, ‘Nutra Nail’ is apparently one of the strongest nail polishes available. How? Because its made with Kevlar, the patented material used in bullet proof vests.

Although nail polish that glides on smoothly weaving a powerful shield that resists nails from splitting, cracking, peeling and breaking, will cost you, a whopping £12.95 bottle!

App will Lookout for your mobile phone data

I do wonder sometimes about the information that comes out of surveys For instance, a recent survey revealed that mobile phones are considered more important than cars by many users. Aside from the fact that I fail to see how even the smartest of smartphones could have got me to the station this morning, the folk at Lookout Mobile Security, which commissioned the survey were actually trying to make a salient point.


While their respondents favoured the mobile phone above their car or laptop, they also discovered that 74 per cent of them did not regularly back up their personal data on their phone, and 85 per cent of them would ot be able to locate their phone if it was lost or stolen.

What really made me laugh though, was that more than a third said they checked their mobile phone every time they went to the toilet. They must have pretty tough bosses…

Anyway, the upshot of this is that they could all protect their phone using the Lookout mobile app, which protects against malware, spyware, and phishing scams. Lookout can help you locate a lost or stolen device and also backs up important personal data such as contacts, photos and call history.

The app is also capable of identifying and blocking infected apps before they can have a serious impact on smartphone users and stops the user from visiting unsafe websites and locates stolen or lost phones.

Lookout Mobile Security is a free app for smartphones, iPhones and tablets and is available on the Android Market at and Apple App Store at

LoJack: A laptop guard dog

Losing a laptop isn’t just a financial burden – it can also leave your personal info available to a whole host of hacks. While the embarrassment of thieves seeing your sex-tapes is pretty bad, losing bank details, private log-in information and other important data can be life-changing. Luckily, Absolute Software Corporation has created LoJack – the software equivalent of a laptop guard dog.


The £29.96 software contains four key features, each focussed on retaining your privacy (and your laptop) should the worst happen.


Lock mode lets you remotely block access to the computer, preventing thieves from snooping through your files. Once the mode is turned on, nothing can get through the operating system lock.

It also lets you customise your lock screen, so you can implore good samaritans to return the laptop to your address. Or just castigate the no good thieving bandits!


If you’ve got top-secret content on the computer, it may be better to delete it then risk it falling into the wrong hands (MI5, take note.)

The remote delete option lets you remotely and selectively erase sensitive files and applications. Which means you can choose to keep your baby photos and old love letters, but delete the blueprints to that secret thing you’ve been working on.


Locate uses the Wi-Fi geolocation of the computer to map your computer’s current and past whereabouts. You can test the accuracy of geolocation by heading to Google Maps and clicking the white circle above the zoom bar – it gets your computer’s location from its wi-fi address.


This is where the service really excels – LoJack comes with a Theft Recovery Team made up of security experts and ex-police offers who use information from the computer to determine who has your computer and how to get it back by working with the police.

Unfortunately, no service can protect from pro-thieves who will know to rip-out the hard drive or turn the computer on without an internet connection.

For the common laptop grab-and-run, though, or if you just misplace your laptop and a good samaritan is trying to get it back to you – LoJack can really help.

The licence can be bought for one year minimum, or for three years at a discounted price of £67.46.

Handy backup solutions with Novosoft Handy Backup software

It’s a sensible move to back up data isn’t it? Although for someone who has just lost 1000 plus photos of my two children from birth to their toddler years because I never got round to backing up the data stored on an ancient PC I knew was to die a death any day soon, preaching about the sensibilities of backing up digital data would be slightly hypocritical. You can rest assure though I will not be making the same mistake twice and the files on my new and shiny laptop are distrustfully backed up by numerous backup sources.  Given my recent obsession with backup solutions I opened a press release from Novosoft about its Handy BackUp software with unusually fervent interest.


Handy Backup is basically a backup program designed to protect data on almost any type of storage media by automatically backing up and restoring files. When used with CD/DVD/Blu-ray/HD DVD devices, flash devices and remote FTP/SFTP servers, Handy Backup can be used to make a reserve copy of any data considered valuable on your system, whether it is in the office or at home.

Novosoft assure that with free plug-ins designed to facilitate My Document backup, Windows Registry backup and Outlook backups, as well as having the ability to perform all backup tasks on a regular basis by assigning a schedule, valuable data will never be lost with Handy Backup.

Whilst Handy Backup may be a sophisticated and comprehensive method of backing up valuable files on your computer, I don’t know about you but I find regular PC scheduling and updating rather annoying. For example, when your anti-virus suddenly interrupts you by alerting you of an update meaning you lose your train of thought, is a rather irritating component of modern computing. Whether or not Handy Backup, with its backup and synchronization tasks performed on a regular basis by assigning a schedule, will be carried out discretely or practise similar irritating interruptions, remains to be seen and such doubt makes me favour backing up my valuable data on external devices such as a USB data pen.

For those of the more patient discernment determined to safeguard your data, Novosoft Handy Backup software has got to be a sensible choice, and until 31st August the BNovosoft Backup range is available with 50% off the RRP from

Swann Security: Keep an electronic eye on your property this holiday season

When you head off on holiday, do you have nagging doubts – have you turned off the iron, did you lock the door; did you leave a tap running? And do you worry about whether your home or office will be safe while you’re off soaking up the sun?


Along with fitting a burglar alarm, you could think about setting up another level of home security that could help you relax and enjoy that well-deserved break.

Plug and play security cameras can offer another layer of home security – and Swann Security, which has often featured on this site with its solidly made, easy-to-set-up security cameras, has come up with another raft of products just in time for the holiday season.

The Pro-660 Super Wide-Gale Secretly Camera ahs been designed to cover a wider area than the average camera – really useful for covering wider area- perhaps the back of the house, or maybe a side alley that you otherwise couldn’t monitor without leaving blind spots.

Swann has also introduced the Pro-670 Professional All Purpose Security Camera, which has a “Super HAD” high-res video sensor , allowing you to keep a continuous eye out for any suspicious activity. The powerful infrared night vision operates up to 80m, which is great for long driveways, alleyways and long hallways.

Finally, the Pro-680 Ultimate Optical Zoom Security Camera is the top-of-the-range device, which Swann says promises to deliver crystal cellar images, so that should the worst happen, you may be able to identify culprits – a long way from those blurry, grainy images we are familiar with.

The cameras come with the cable needed to connect to a TV or DVR.

And the price of this extra security? Surprisingly low actually. Prices range from £119.99 for the wide-angle camera, to £149.99 for the Ultimate zoom model.

More details from

Swann Outbound SW361 IP camera review

People stealin’ yo garden gnomes? Need to know if the jaguars are raiding your dustbin again? Just a voyeur? Well, look no further: the Swann Outbound SW361 motion-sensitive camera records any movement it catches, allowing you to see just who pilfered your vegetables (it’s not the jaguars).


The Swann camera solution is a completely self-contained unit, with a built-in SD card slot for storage and room for four AA batteries. It seals up in a pretty cool and hardcore-looking weatherproof case, although we’d advise against dunking it under water or hitting it with a hammer.

The case means that the unit can be safely put outside to monitor whatever activity you’re curious about, without the need for wireless set-up, power cables or additional weather-proofing. It’s super simple.

Most external cameras require a wired power supply as they record all the time, using lots of electricity. The Swann avoids this issues by only using the batteries to power the infra-red sensor – extending the battery-life from hours (if recording from the camera) to days or even weeks. When the sensor is triggered, the camera starts recording.

Recording comes in two options – still image or full video. Both work fine – the still images have a great vignette effect that may not be intended, but ends up being pretty stylish.

The camera also supports night-time recording using a built-in infrared lamp. Sometimes this lights up when in use, however, turning your discreet camera into a beacon advertising itself to would-be thieves.

There’s a secure lock on the device, so you can chain it up from opportunist thieves, although the pack comes with a simple connecting strap – easy to remove and runaway with. If you’re looking for an anti-theft deterrent, we suggest a trip to the local chain and padlock store.

The user-interface on the device is certainly not intuitive, but a quick study of the manual and you’ll be ready to set the time, date and change the settings, such as delay after triggering the sensor. Don’t try to be a hero and set it up without it.

On an abstract note, it’s also good for monitoring your sleep patterns. Simply point it at your bed and drift off. Every shuffle will trip the sensor, and you can record what you do at night. Pretty weird!