Scroll Excel 7” Tablet: 3D vision for under £150

The tablet market is getting increasingly congested as manufacturers fall over themselves in an effort to bring the next best thing. Whilst the IPad may still be taking the moral high ground, there are many other suitors looking to get up there as soon as possible in all shapes, sizes, weights and prices.


The Scroll Excel 7” tablet is a perfect example. This 7” capacitive tablet runs Android 2.3 and boasts a Cortex A8 1 Ghz processor, 512 MB RAM and 4GB Memory for £129.99. The major selling point with this model though, is it handles 3D content which can be output directly to a 3D TV or monitor via a mini HDMI cable.

Produced by UK based technology brand Storage Options, this is the first tablet to be able to process 3D content at this price bracket, particularly when you consider it also supports many of the features you would be seeing on higher priced models such as wi fi, 360 degree scrolling, e book support and 1080p output.

Paul Evison, marketing manager for Storage Options was quick to point out: “this is easily our fastest and most responsive tablet to date. The user experience when internet browsing, or gaming, is really impressive and has only been seen before on far more expensive products. We also believe that this is the first tablet to market with the ability to output 3D video to a 3D TV. This additional feature should appeal to those who already have a 3D TV but aren’t sure where to get their content from. In a way the Scroll Excel bridges the gap between 3D content that’s available on the internet and actually getting it onto a 3D screen.”

The Scroll Excel 7” tablet price point certainly proves that tablet market competition is getting hotter and that can only be a good thing for all of us.

The Scroll Excel 7” tablet is out now for £129.99