TomTom and NIKE team up to motivate runners

If this is the year you plan to run a marathon (or indeed run around the block in a bid to get fit), here’s a gadget designed to make the experience a bit more interesting.

Sports legend Nike has teamed up with satnav specialist TomTom to produce the NIKE+ Sportwatch GPS. Unfortunately it has just been released at CES in Las Vegas and won’t actually be available until April, but as it offers all kinds of nifty motivational ideas, it could be just the thing when your new year impetus is about to run out.


So what can it do? Well, first, it has been designed to be simple to use, with just three buttons and a tap screen for navigation (useful if you simply find running on its own rather taxing on the mind).

While you’re running, the clever device will be capturing your location, and showing you useful information such as your pace, distance covered and calories burned. This happens thanks to a shoe-based sensor that delivers pace and distance data while the GPS works on your location.

The watch can also store your run history so that you can compare times and distances, and your personal records including those imported from, and is compatible with a heart rate monitor.

But there’s more. Remember we spoke about its motivational qualities? Well, it recognises your own personal records (or ‘Attaboys’ as they like to call them) and will remind you to go running if you haven’t logged an outing for five days. It also offers post run encouragement and acknowledgement (and unlike your mates is unlikely to suggest you go down the pub for a swift pint afterwards as a ‘reward’).

Back at home or the office after your run, plug into a PC or Mac using the built-in USB connector and your info will be transferred to, which offers runners GPS mapping, total miles, pace and elevation data for their most recent run.

For extra motivation, if you’re taking part in any challenges Nike+ Challenges, Nike+ Goals, and Nike+ Coach programs, your data is automatically entered there.

Each run is mapped using TomTom technology, and includes route notes, elevation and length. You can also find the perfect route by searching the catalogue by location, length, difficulty, and even landmarks.

And the price for this sporty technical wizardry? Not confirmed as yet but expect it to be somewhere between £130 and £190.