Wireless Soundbar gives sonic muscle to svelte screens

Today’s flat screen televisions may provide sharper than a knife HD picture quality, but the trade off is there’s not a lot of room inside them to generate the sound to match the visuals. The collars don’t quite match the cuffs so to speak. And lets face it, terrific audio can make a world of difference when you’re watching a movie or a concert, it just adds that extra bite to the whole thing…


Roth’s new BAR 1 audio system includes a slim line soundbar and wireless sub woofer .that carries more than enough firepower to deliver plenty of high quality audio right into your living room.

The Bar 1 has eight mid range drivers peaking at 64 watts (32wX2), two high frequency tweeters offering 32watts RMS and the wireless sub woofer pushing out an impressive 260 watts with a wireless range of just under 30 feet.
The soundbar itself at just two inches deep is discreet enough to fully complement the sleek lines of your table top TV or be up next to the wall mounted flat screen and Roth thoughtfully provides a flush wall bracket for just that purpose.

The unit connects to the television via twin RCA’s or a 3.5mm stereo jack making it fully compatible with all your music media including iPods and CD’s. The soundbar’s plug and play format makes connectivity a breeze.
Company founder James Roth bullishly predicts “At last, no more fiddling with the TV remote in an effort to hear exactly what your TV’s pretty pictures are actually saying”

So plenty of audio muscle then to match the clarity of your flat screen. The only draw back could be the rather hefty price tag of £329 srp.