iRobot Roomba 600: When Will Smith takes on vacuuming


Keeping your house neat and tidy can be a nightmare at times, especially if you live in a one-bedroom flat like myself… There are just not enough hours in the day. As luck would have it though, the smart chaps at iRobot have come top the rescue with their new Roomba 600 cleaner.

Now I can sit back, put my feet up and enjoy the latest Will Smith film safe in the comforting knowledge that the Roomba 600 is running around the floor, vacuuming the flat from top to bottom – doing all the hard work for me, all without having to lift a finger.

Packed with new features, the Roomba 600 is one of the most technologically advanced cleaners on the market. An optimised airflow will ensure the evenly-filled bins need to be emptied less frequently, the Aerovac brush design means it will pick up more dirt than in previous models and it will need to be maintained less often.

You can even tell it which rooms you don’t wish to be cleaned, which it will then avoid and concentrate on the rest of the house. How have you survived up to now without one of these clever devices? Household chores will never be the same again.

To find out more about the iRobot Roomba 600 and how it can help keep the dirt at bay, visit their website on

iRobot Roomba 700 Series

We’re suckers for automated vacuum cleaners here at Latest Gadgets – there’s just something of the future about them. That’s why we’re pretty excited that the creators of the world’s most popular robovac – the Roomba – have brought out the iRobot Roomba 700 Series, the most comprehensive hoover’ing robot to date.
iRobot, having sold over six million home robots worldwide, know they’re onto a winner with the Roomba. That’s why it’s evolution rather than revolution for the 700 Series, bringing a whole host of cleaning-enhanced super-powers to the familiar form.


The biggest update for the Roomba is the iAdapt Responive Cleaning Technology. Using a combination of sensors – including aural – the Roomba monitors its local environment 64 times/second. That’s about 39 million times more frequently than we do at LG Towers.

What separates Roomba from its competitors is the Dirt Detect Series 2 (available on Roomba 770 and 780 models), which uses an acoustic sensor to detect debris as small as sand to suck up. It also uses an optical sensor to detect larger and softer debris (popcorn was the given example).

The Dirt Detect system, along with a more advanced cleaning head, improves overall cleaning from previous models, with iRobot stating a 20% improvement in the collection of fine particulates.

If the ‘bot detects a particularly gruesome area (your teenager’s bedroom), it’ll use its Persistent Pass Cleaning Pattern, using a brush-like, back-and-forth motion to focus on an excessively dirty area.

All of the 700 Series comes with new power management software that results in a 50% increase in battery longevity compared to the old model.

Other upgrades include the AeroVac Series 2 bin, which maximises air flow through Roomba’s cleaning head to pull more debris from the brushes and into the bin.

There are also two HEPA-type air filters keep fine household dust from re-circulating in your home, a soft-touch bumper to protect walls and furniture and – most usefully, a full bin indicator light, for knowing when your Roomba is has had its fill.