NuVo Ritmo: MP3-powered prenatal sound system

iPods, Zens and mobile MP3 players have become common household items over the last few years. Now, technology has taken the portable music experience a step further. Shunning the usual target markets, American audio company NuVo have released a new MP3 system for unborn babies. The Ritmo Advanced Sound System allows the fetus to listen in on their mothers’ MP3 tracks, providing a unique bonding experience for mother and child. Whether you want to introduce your child to Mozart or get that High School Musical phase out of the way as quickly as possible, the player provides a safe way for parents and babies to interact.

Development studies have proven that reactive listening starts at 17 weeks gestation. The manufacturers claim the system could be highly beneficial for the fetus in the development stage, as scientific research has shown that exposure to music can have many positive benefits on unborn children.

While some parents might be worried about the potential health risks of exposing their baby to sound at such a young age, NuVo have designed the system with safety in mind. While the mother can adjust the volume of her music, the device continuously adjusts the baby’s music to ensure it stays at an optimal level.

Check out this demo video:

Although some parents might want to start introducing their offspring to their favourite tunes, you don’t have to stop with chart classics. The Ritmo Advanced Sound System also allows you to play your own recordings. Babies remember sounds they hear in-utero and respond favourably to them after birth so the player allows parents to familiarise the child with their voices and common household sounds before they are even born.

The device fits around the mother’s stomach using an elasticised band. It contains two speakers so  the baby can hear the music wherever it is positioned in the womb. Soft, flexible fabric has been used for comfort and it can be adjusted as the mother grows. The system is also hands-free, so can be worn while doing a number of activities. Available for $129.99 (approximately £87), the Ritmo Advanced Sound System can be ordered from the NuVo group website: