Tom Tom and Renault launch electric car navigation

At last someone has seen the light and for once produced something entirely useful for the electric car; and that someone is Tom Tom. Not content with dominating the navigation market the navigation superhero has turned its attention to the electric car in a way that is so beneficial to electic car owners you have to ask yourself why has it taken so long?


Thankfully Renault has seen the light and designed space in its Fluence Z.E.electic car for an in dash navigation system developed by Tom Tom which not only obviously navigates, using Tom Tom’s tried and tested GPS software, but also allows drivers to navigate to the nearest recharge station. Thus solving one of the major worries for electric car owners. Genius.

The Carminat TomTom Z.E LIVE, receives direct information from the battery about its charge state and then taking the current planned route into consideration, calculates whether a recharge will be necessary. If it is, it’ll display just where the nearest charging points are located along the route.

While it’s at it, it will also provide the most energy efficient route in the first place, eking out those extra precious miles from every available cell.

The Carminat TomTom Z.E LIVE also carries many of Tom Tom’s now standard features such ad HD traffic, local Search with TomTom Places and Google, safety camera alerts and IQ Routes.

Giles Shrimpton, Managing Director of TomTom Automotive points out “This is the first navigation system TomTom is launching in the area of electric vehicles and it represents a great milestone for us as a company in this exciting new market”. Renault has clearly scored a bit of a coup with this, and providing Tom Tom expands this to the other electric car manufacturers, it will be one less thing in the minus box for electric car owners.