Summer’s must-have cycling gadgets

With summer well and truly here, it’s the perfect time to dust off your bike and get back in the saddle with these awesome accessories.

Image courtesy of skippyjon from Flickr

Garmin Edge 305 GPS Bike Computer – R.R.P £259.99

A nifty little device that doubles as a GPS system and personal trainer, the Garmin Edge 305 is easy to use and comes with its own bike mount. The computer measures a variety of stats, including distance, speed, time, altitude, heart rate and calories burned. With a personal trainer function, it doubles as a virtual cycling partner and will map specific ‘courses’ to let you race against your best time. Able to detect your location even in challenging terrain, you’ll never have to take a map break again.

Archos Helmet Cam – R.R.P £169.99

Complete with built-in remote and microphone, the Archos Helmet Cam is the perfect way to record extreme stunts and journeys. The compact, light-weight camera fits onto the top of your helmet and comes with its own head band. For cyclists on a budget, cheaper models include the Actioncam Action Video Camera (R.R.P £39.99) and the OregonScientific ATC3K Action Camera Extreme (R.R.P £99.99).

Oakley RAZRWIRE Bluetooth enabled sunglasses – R.R.P around £150

Oakley are famous for making classy eyewear but now they’ve gone one step further and produced these Bluetooth enabled sunglasses, meaning you can answer calls with the press of a button and chat while you ride. The headset works up to 33 feet away from your mobile and, if your handset has voice-activated dialling, you can call someone on the go without having to look for your phone. The wireless technology promotes freedom of movement and the glasses are also available with prescription lenses.

Winkku Cycle Safety Mirror and Indicator Light – R.R.P £20

Every cyclist knows the perils of the right-hand turn. Holding your arm out in the path of an oncoming car and hoping any vehicles behind have noticed you is not an appealing prospect. Thankfully, the days of wobbling all over the middle of the road are over with Winkku’s indicator lights. Designed to fit onto the end of your handlebars, the lights serve as a rear view mirror and indicator so you can see who’s behind you and let them know where you’re going while maintaining your balance (and dignity).