ebay Christmas Boutique: Trading bar codes for QR codes

Since it was founded in 1995, Ebay quickly became one of the most outstanding success stories of the dot-com revolution. Unlike many entrepreneurial ventures that often demise as speedily as they rise, especially in the constantly evolving world of the internet, Ebay has maintained its spot as the number one internet consumer-to-consumer corporation. In fact so successful has the multi-billion dollar business become that, next month, it is opening its first high street store in the UK, forming a unique unification between high street shopping and the internet.


If you love in-store browsing but dread the inevitable Christmas queues that go hand-in-hand with high street Christmas shopping, then those entrepreneurial folk at Ebay seem to have come up with answer, well they didn’t become billionaires for no reason, did they?  From Thursday 1st December to Monday 5th December 2011, the eBay Christmas Boutique will be taking place on Dean Street in London’s West End. Shoppers will be able to browse through a selection of gifts and deals in the pop-up boutique, make their selections, but instead of taking their purchases and joining a ghastly 30ft-long queue, using mobile technology shoppers can simply scan the Quick Response (QR) code with their smartphone and make their purchase online in a matter of clicks.

This innovative shopping experience will be the UK’s first ever QR code shopping emporium, and in typical intuitive fashion, Ebay is opening its Christmas Boutique store during what is anticipated to be the busiest online shopping weekend of the year, with sales forecast to peak at over 30 gift items being bought every second.

So they sure have their timing right and their location, London’s West End has to be equally as intuitive as launching the Ebay Christmas Boutique on ‘Super Sunday, whereby  5.8 million shoppers are expected to log on to Ebay.co.uk to pick up a bargain Christmas gift, but are there any flaws in the American company’s latest consumer venture? Well, being only available to smartphone users could be one and considering that only 31% of the British population browse the internet on their phones – A phenomenal amount if you own Apple or Blackberry, but alienating a 69% of the British public from exploiting the unique consumer experience Ebay’s Christmas Boutique provides, is surely an all too hefty proportion of shoppers? Although Ebay does seem to have this area covered ensuring us that whether you own a smartphone or not, anyone can come along and try out QR code experience, browse the Christmas deals and enter a prize draw to win great Christmas prizes.

It sure sounds inquisitively entertaining, although I am still wondering, from an Ebay seller’s point of view, how you manage to get your items to be displayed in the Ebay Christmas Boutique.