Sky Sports Kick Off New Season With Pub Challenge App


Sky Sports has launched a new app to coincide with the start of the new football season, offering features aimed specifically at fans watching games in their local pubs. Included in Sky Sports Pub Challenge is a pub finder for locating big-screen TVs and a variety of games and activities to play once you’ve been checked in to a nearby watering hole.

The emphasis is on adding a competitive prediction element to a match — you can take on your friends and anyone else who happens to be using the app in the same venue. “We’re expecting Sky Sports Pub Challenge to be a big hit with people who like to watch the big games with friends down at the pub,” said Sky’s David Rey. “It’s a rewarding and sociable way for people to get into the action and make the most of match days down at their local pub.”

Not only do you get bragging rights if you make an accurate score prediction, there’s money on the table too: monthly prizes up to £2,500 can be won and there’s a grand end-of-season prize of £20,000. Free tickets to Barclays Premier League games are also on offer for those who know their football.


Having an app that can quickly pinpoint a Sky Sports pub in an unfamiliar location is reason enough to download it; the trivia games and prediction leagues are an added bonus that should appeal to groups of supporters who head down to the pub to enjoy (or suffer through) matches on a regular basis. According to Sky, over 2.2m of us watch live sport in the pub at least once a week. With many venues now offering Wi-Fi as well as a variety of beers, you might not even have to rely on a dodgy mobile connection to get involved.

Sky Sports Pub Challenge is available now free of charge for iPhone and Android. Other built-in features include lists of upcoming fixtures and the ability to forward plan meet ups with friends.

AA Pub Guide iPhone App

You can travel all over the world but you will never find a place quite as cosy, hospitable and unique than relaxing with a pint of real ale and some tasty homemade food with chunky chips in front of a roaring fire in a good old British pub.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Daxis

Despite its insistence of being the “forth emergency service”, the AA has long been the source of much more than a mere ‘emergency breakdown service’. For more than a century the Automobile Association has been recommending the best places to eat, drink and stay in the country – quite ironic really when you consider that the organisation’s fundamental role is to assist motorists in breakdown situations.

Nonetheless, the AA, with its inimitable and unambiguous black and yellow logo, has become almost as synonymous with Great Britain and our unique culture than as a British pub itself. It seems somewhat ‘appropriate’ therefore, that these two great ‘British’ symbols are intertwined, and the AA, in keeping with modern times, has launched the 2011 AA Pub Guide app for iPhone.

From cosy coach-house inns, brimming with character with real wooden beams and a delectable choice of fine local ales, to smart gastro pubs providing deliciously robust and hearty food in the most decadent of ambiences, the free app features over 2,000 pubs and accommodation in the UK. The pubs featuring on the app have all been selected based on their commitment to providing great food, real ale, character and comfort. The app includes a detailed description of each entry, price information, addresses, telephone numbers and website addresses.

If you are a lover of traditional British pubs, this app will prove invaluable. Not only does it enable you to search in the current location, or area of choice for a fantastic pub to ‘break up the journey’, but it is also fully installed so there is no need for a data connection, allowing you to search down the most remote of country lanes, where an internet connection is impossible.

The AA Pub Guide App is available for iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iTouch from the iTunes Store.

Given the AA’s ‘pious’ commitment to providing its members with information on the ‘very best of British’, it seems somewhat believable that the “forth emergency service”, was originally formed in London in 1905 as a club to help motorists avoid speed traps!