IT’S MINE: Protect prized possessions

We’re bombarded with tips designed to help prevent us getting into sticky situations. No matter how hard we try, however, we’re all at risk of petty theft, bag snatching and similar crimes, especially in big cities. IT’S MINE TECHNOLOGY is a new start-up that arms consumers with another technology-based defense against crime and gives people the power to protect their valuables.


The Mission

IT’S MINE TECHNOLOGY aims to help you on two levels: carrying around an item tagged with the IT’S MINE logo helps deter would-be thieves, while the technology makes it more likely that you’ll retrieve your belongings even if they are stolen.

Collaborating with the police, the country’s lost property departments and now insurance companies, IT’S MINE products are designed to reunite owners with lost or stolen belongings as soon as possible using tracking and microchip methods.

How it Works

IT’S MINE TECHNOLOGY offers a variety of personal safety products, ranging from smart RFID microchips the size of a teardrop, to multi-functional personal tracking devices that enable you to track the movements of your lost or stolen items in real-time.

The company offer security tools for a number of items, ranging from handbags, musical instruments and valuable antiques, which work without devaluing the items or affecting their performance.

The Benefits

We’re used to microchipping pets, but handbags, antiques and musical instruments? When you think about how valuable these items can be, however, investing in a chip makes sense.

Even if the face value of your handbag itself is low, the kind of things you carry around each day inside it – house keys, important letters, wallet with money, cards and personal identification – make it one of the most valuable items you could lose.

According to IT’S MINE TECHNOLOGY, the benefits of investing in security include potentially reduced payments on your insurance premiums and a higher return rate for lost items. Not only will the police be able to identify your bag if it’s stolen, but other agencies will be able to identify you as the bag’s owner if it is returned.

Out of the 32,000 lost bags handed into London Transport lost property office last year, two thirds of those were never returned as officers couldn’t identify the owners. IT’S MINE aims to drastically reduce these figures and give owners a higher chance of being reunited with their property.

How it Works

The IT’S MINE microchips and applicators can be used with any item that’s soft enough for the applicator to penetrate, including rucksacks, handbags, suitcases, coats and even bike saddles. Virtually impossible to view with the naked eye, the chip can also be specially installed into hard surfaces too.

Once your chip is installed, register your unique 15-digit number at Immobilise. Simply alert the website if your item is lost of stolen, and the site will immediately update a national register and notify police around the country.

As well as offering bag chips and tags, IT’S MINE TECHNOLOGY have collaborated with handbag designer Jobeeny to create an exclusive range of purses, clutches and handbags that come ready-chipped with a security tag and the IT’S MINE TECHNOLOGY logo.

The microchip technology is available from the IT’S MINE TECHNOLOGY website as a single microchip and applicator (£12.99), a double microchip and applicator (£22.99) and as a ‘bag of chips’ (from £11.99).

Eyes right with the GUNNAR glasses

Do you spend hours staring at a computer screen, whether it’s working or playing games? Do you find yourself with aching eyes after a long session in front of a laptop?

Then you might be interested in the latest glasses to come to the market. The makers (GUNNAR Optiks,pioneers in the development of digital eyewear) claim these glasses can reduce screen eyestrain, minimise eye fatigue and visual stress while helping to improving contrast, comfort and focus.


According to the Vision Council of America, 90% of those who use a computer at least 3 hours a day suffer from symptoms of CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome) – with symptoms including blurred vision, difficulty changing focus; redness, burning sensation, soreness, stinging, itchiness, dryness, excessive tearing, eye fatigue, eyestrain, light sensitivity, and contact lens discomfort.

GUNNAR Computer Protective Glasses are designed to eliminate the constant refocusing effort eyes undergo when staring for long periods at a computer screen. And now for the science part – apparently the glasses use GUNNAR’s i-AMP lens technology, which relaxes the ocular muscles that strain to look at images and text at close distances. The glasses also have an i-Fi lens coating that filters the glare from artificial lighting, sunlight and the computer screen itself. The coating is scratch resistant and anti-reflective and GUNNAR claims it cuts out 99.7% of glare.

And there’s more – GUNNARS fRACTYL lens geometry helps the eyes to focus because it pre-focuses the light rays before they hit the eye, letting the ciliary muscles that shape the lens of the eye relax. Plus the iONic lens tint keeps the adverse effect of artificial lighting to a minimum.

Do they work? Well Gunnar Optiks’ surveyed 5,000 people and found that all of them reported improved ease of viewing while 96% reported reduction in eyestrain.

The glasses are already popular in the US and are now available to order from at Prices start at £79.

Note: Anyone using a screen for any period of time should ensure the take regular breaks away from the screen, whatever eyewear they are using.

3M Screen protection

Technology company 3M has got a new technology ready to make you feel like James Bond – a screen protector. Sure, it’s nothing out of Q’s lab – but these give you super-resistant, privacy-increasing films that are easy to apply.


Fresh from 3M’s MISD – Mobile Interactive Solutions Division – the range comes in two lines – one that reduces the viewing angle to prevent prying eyes – and another that reduces glare from the sun, making it easier to read the phone in bright daylight.

Both screens have been designed to allow all of the brightness of the iPhone to pass through them, so you won’t lose any quality by increasing your security.

3M boasts that both screens can take all kind of knocks, including a phone’s arch rivals: pocket change and keys. In fact, according to this video, they’re even cat-proof:

The special films are available for either iPhones or tablet computers in pre-cut shapes. You can also purchase generic versions, which can be cut to fit any phone/tablet-sized device.

The surfaces also come with anti-soiling protection, which reduces fingerprints and oily marks left on the device. Sweet.

We tried out the scratch protection quality and – as dubious as we were dropping keys onto our iPhones – the screens did their job. The privacy filter is also pretty great – no-one on the underground had any idea of the kind of filth we were looking at.


Exspect iPad and iPhone cases review and giveaway

I love my iPad but I seldom take it out of the house, partly out of fear of damaging it and partly to avoid a hoarde of over enthusiastic Android evangelists berating my purchase.

Exspect hope to change all that with a new range of iPad cases. I have the official iPad case from Apple but hate using it due to its rubbery feel and the hassle involved in taking the iPad out of the case. It does however make a pretty neat stand.


Exspect have a range of cases on offer as well as a transparant, scratch resistant Screen Protector film. The Toughskin, in Metallic Red or Blue is a simple shell case that should help with accidental knocks and bumps.

The Executive Wallet, is my favourite and is a simple black Nappa leather case that makes your iPad resemble a MoleSkin type notebook. The cover of the executive Wallet has a lovely solid feel to it, which makes it a lot less distracting than the Official case. It it also really easy to pop your iPad out from the case, which after spending ages stuggling with the official case makes a welcome change.

The Flip is another Nappa leather case but with a built-in stand, similar to the official Apple Case, enabling you to transform an idle iPad into an expensive digital photo frame.

Exspect also lauched a Toughskin iPhone 4 case, that completely hugs the body of the Phone. Whilst you can obviously just get a free case from Apple’s free Case Program for iPhone, Exspect would rather you buy one from them and point to their colour – metallic red or blue and security – the Toughskins cover the back of the iPhone 4 which is solid glass. Whilst Apple claim the solid glass back is fine the scratch on the back of my iPhone 4 says different.

Executive Wallet (Black Leather): £29.99
Flip Case (Black Leather): £39.99
Toughskin (Metallic Red or Blue): £14.99
Slip Case (Black Leather): £34.99
Screen Protector (Clear): £9.99
iPhone 4 Toughskin (Metallic Blue or Red): £9.99

We have some Toughskin iPhone and iPad cases to give away. To enter, simply follow @latestgadgetsuk on Twitter and tweet this message, linking back to this page.

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