Squash drop and knock damage with tough iPhone cases!

I often look on in horror at anyone who doesn’t have his or her iPhone tucked safely inside a case. Although my dismay at ‘caseless iPhones’ probably has a lot to do with the fact that my iPhone, despite being only six months old, has been dropped by my two young boys on several occasions, only to bounce back unscathed, protected by a superduper rubber Tech 21 D30 case.
iPhone and iPad cases, unlike the hordes of superfluous and ineffectual gadget accessories littering the world of tech at present, are a much needed, if not mandatory, accessory and thankfully there are literally hundreds of such products to choose from.

To help you sieve through the surge of iPhone and iPad cases that have arrived on the scene in 2012, we’ve located some of the best of the recent arrivals and an old favourite.


The Incipio Le Deux

If a practical, no-nonsense and inexpensive protective iPhone case is what you’re after then look no further than the Incipio Le Deux. Combining a polycarbonate bumper with a polished, stainless steel backplate, this newly released smartphone case offers a stylish and sturdy plain-speaking protection against those inevitable drops and knocks your treasured device is subjected to, for just $30.

Proporta Microbial Case

Did you know that the average toilet seat festers approximately 49 germs per square inch while the average mobile phone has over 25,000?

Pretty disgusting hey? hence the arrival of the Proporta Microbial Case. Containing an anti-microbial agent, this case wards off 99% of germs. Not only this, but the Proporta Microbial Case is ultra-tough and features a comfy grip panel, which in normal circumstances are place for germs to thrive but not with anti-microbe accessory. And for just £19, you could do a lot worse in your quest to keep your iPhone and in this case yourself protected.

I’m surprised this case wasn’t unveiled when the swine flu ‘pandemic’ of 2009 was wreaking havoc across the world and everyone was wearing masks just to go about their daily lives!

Case-Mate recycled plastic iPhone cases

Made from 100% recycled plastic, Case-Mate’s new range of iPhone cases will go a long way in reducing the carbon footprints of iPhone owners.

Not only do these environmentally conscious cases encourage more sustainable practices – a desirable and trendy feat of modern tech culture – but they also look pretty cool. Being available in white, black, blue, green, orange and pink these eco-friendly cases will help protect your iPhone as well as the environment – not a bad double conquest for just $30!

Schreer Delights Retro iPhone Case

Retro-inspired tech never fails to turn a few heads and no more so than with the Schreer Delights Retro iPhone Case. From ‘Walkie Talkie’ looking cases to ‘Assorted Donughts’, from the ‘Breakfast Club’ to the ‘Rainbow Apple Tree’ case, Schreer Delights have a huge range of retro cases to suit all ages and tastes and, for $45, will guarantee that your iPhone will ‘stand out from the crowd’.

The LTD Tools range of iPhone and iPad cases

If you’ve got quite a lot of money to blow on an iPhone case you might want to take a look at LTD Tools’ ‘cool’ range of tough cases.

Made from aluminium – I personally prefer rubber – these smartphone cases certainly have a ‘machine look’ and are offered in two different styles, both of which have flip up lids that protect the screen. The LTD Tools cases also wrap around the smartphone to protect the whole device.

The 180 iPhone 4 case costs $45 and the 360 iPhone 4 case costs $75 – reasons behind the heftier price tag of the latter are not elaborated upon.

Proporta TurboCharger: Ludicrously useful

Proporta, gadget accessories specialist (they’ve got pretty much everything your wired-up heart might desire: cables, power solutions, protective cases and more), have recently announced the newest and best addition to its award-winning USB TurboCharger range.


This ludicrously (love that word…) useful little product is a compact, high-powered rechargeable battery that charges from any USB port and allows you to juice up even the most power-hungry gadgets again and again, no matter where you are – yes, Summer 2012 festival goers, you may now address the good people at Proporta as your almighty saviours. Get this little beauty in yer Xmas stockings now.

The capacity of the latest Proporta TurboCharger is an impressive 7000 mAh, and it comes with two USB output ports, allowing you to charge more than one phone and iPad (and anything else that can be powered by USB) at the same time… awesome. Sorry, there’s not any other words for this thing. Really though, it’s probably the best thing since sliced… iPad?

The TurboCharger works with all leading mobile devices, from the iPod, iPad and iPhone ranges, to Blackberry, HTC, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, digital cameras and lots of other gadgets. An LED display shows the level of charge, and the TurboCharger comes with two retractable cables and a range of interchangeable connector heads. Best of all gadget fiends, it’s so lightweight (at about 175g) that you’ll barely even notice you’re carrying it.

This is a great accessory for anyone on the move – stop-outs et al. Indeed, whether it’s the world traveller who never wants to miss that vital photo opportunity, or the commuter who’s terrified of being stuck on the train without their iPhone 4S or iPad2. Quite literally, you need never run out of power again. Very nice Proporta. Very nice indeed.

Available now for £54.95 from http://www.proporta.com

Proporta and Onanoff team up to keep your cables tidier

Even though we haven’t even had Halloween yet, there’s already been a lot of talk about Christmas – so why not move straight on to New Year’s resolutions? So if you’re going to resolve to be tidier and more organised in the New Year, why not make an early start, with the help of mobile device and gadget accessory manufacturer Proporta?

Proporta has teamed up with Nordic company Onanoff to bring together a bundle of devices to help you keep cables tidy, screens clean and music shared.


First step to a more tidy and organised you is the Magneat Cable Tidy, which lets you say goodbye to tangled earphone cables and keeps other cables tidy too – how annoying is it when you open your suitcase to find your charge cables wrapped around your underwear? All you have to do is wind the cables around the stem of the Tidy and then feed them through the slot and everything will be kept neat and straight and you’ll never have to spend an hour unknotting your headphone cords instead of lying by the pool again. All for the bargain price of £7.95.

The Magnum Ear-Bud Headphones with LoveJack come bundled with the Cable Tidy. This lets you share your music with a friend using the double headphone jack, and stops you getting tangled up in each others’ cables. This is plug and play, with no need for sharing ear buds (yuk!) or separate splitters. It comes at a price though – £39.95 – so the question is, do you love someone enough to share your music (and nearly 40 quid) with them?

Meanwhile, if you’ve got your hands on a nice shiny iPad 2, and want to keep it that way, splash out £21.95 and you’ll get a Multi Shield Screen Protector, which uses similar technology to that used on a Formula One driver’s visor screen. Apply the protector in one sheet and should it get scratched or dirty, simply peel back the film to reveal a new layer. Each product includes three layers.

Kenzo and Proporta team up to make smartphone cases

For all the disappointed raging nerds on the internet, furious about the lack of external change in the iPhone 4S, there were many more relieved iPhone case manufacturers delighted that they didn’t need to suddenly scramble to revise their product lines over night. And with good cause, as the case market for the iPhone 4 is pretty strong, with a range of offerings for varying groups of customers.


For the fashion conscious amoung you, Proporta, the Brighton-based mobile device and gadget accessory manufacturer, has launched a new range of cases for Smartphones, inspired by the Japanese art form of origami and Far Eastern floral patterns with fashion brand, Kenzo.

How can a smartphone case be influenced by Origami? Well the influence is twofold. I jest, but the Kenzo Origami Leather Case is inspired by the elegant simplicity of origami and is a protective leather pocket for your phone. Available in red, it offers protects your phone from bumps and bruises (whilst in transit – it does nothing for your phone when you remove it to take a call), is slim enough for clutch purses of skinny jeans, fastens securely with a magnetic tab and is finished with a stylish floral print lining.

Not a fan of origami? The Kenzo Patent Leather Case is s similar sleek, patent leather exterior embossed with the Kenzo logo, so you can broadcast your brand loyalty. Like the Origami, the case protects against scratches, knocks and scrapes, and is finished with a pretty floral lining you can glimpse when you pop your phone in.

Tough guy? You’ll probably be more into the Kenzo Leather Tokyo Pouch, which offers a more robust feel. Matte leather, an embossed Kenzo logo and six eyelets make for something a Hell’s Angel would be comfortable sporting and the interiors are finished off with unique floral prints so you can still have an outlet for your softer side. The red pouch comes with a wrist strap, whilst the black pouch comes with a handy belt clip and both feature a magnetic closure

Out now

Kenzo Leather Tokyo Pouch – £44.95 / $59.95 / €54.95
Kenzo Patent Leather Case – £24.95 / $33.95 / €29.95

Ted Baker and Proporta Kindle 3 Covers

As aphorisms go, “You can’t judge a book by its cover” is a classic. Until aphorisms catch up with the more age, you can however judge a Kindle owner by their cover, so for the fashion conscious book lovers among you Ted Baker have once again teamed up with accessory experts Proporta, this time to release a set of swanky Kindle covers.


We’d looked at one of their previous collaborations here where they had formed a tag-team to make fancy looking iPhone cases.

This time they have more literary aspiration and protect your Kindle 3 from the elements. The case is faux-leather and we saw in in both black and white. There’s a discreet metal button on the bottom right hand corner that serves not function other than to look cool.

On the inside cover is a little sleeve for random scraps of paper but it’s very tight so it’s literally just for a scrap or two.

In contrast with the wrinkled inner lining, the inside has a smooth lining that is very, very shiny and a little like a house of fun mirror. The black case has a purple inner lining and the white case has what I can only describe as pink gold.

There’s also a lovely unique designer Ted Baker floral lining that looks fabulous but that will be hidden 99% of the time by your Kindle 3. But it is very pretty.

Your kindle is held snugly in place and the case adds very little weight to your reading experience. All the ports are also free and unobstructed so it’s easy to charge your Kindle with power or books.

Want to get your hands on one? Yours for about £45 from Proporta or Amazon

Proporta’s four ‘Back to School Essentials’ – Essential or superfluous?

Corresponding with the GCSE results day, the British iPad and iPhone accessories specialists, Proporta announced a new range of Back to School products for the iPhone 4 and HTC Sensation. In our gadget-obsessed society, the kids of today have a lot more to worry about than merely being seen with the right pair of trainers. iPad, iPhone and MacBook cases have the power to influence the esteem of kids in a school playground, hence when Proporta name their range of such cases as being “Back to School Essentials”, no one bats an eyelid. Here are four items from Proporta’s ‘indispensable’ new range.


Times Table Hard Shell (Apple iPhone 4)


Teachers better watch out that gadgets such as the Times Table Hard Shell don’t lead to some serious cheating in exams. Oh well, at least this one is mildly educational, as by having the times tables printed on the back, lessons spent gazing at an iPhone instead of listening to the teacher may at least result in kids finally learning their times tables.

Perfora Hard Shell for the HTC Sensation


Those children owning a, dare we say it slightly inferior HTC Sensation, can now deck their precious gadget out with a Perfora Hard Shell. This super tough crystal case will protect an HTC Sensation from the inevitable knocks it will endure during a day at school, and its soft feel finish with funky range of colours, means Perfora Hard Shell cases are likely to be a big hit at high school.

Leather Protective Sleeve for the Apple iPad 2


For those kids lucky enough to own an Apple iPad 2, they could further their enviable status by tarting up their iPad 2 with this custom made, hardwearing and stylish leather bag – Although it has to said, leather isn’t always the most desirable material of those so young they don’t appreciate its quality.

Aluminium Lined Leather Style Case for Amazon Kindle 3


Are Amazon Kindle’s a popular gadget amongst schoolchildren? According to Proporta they are, as the company has placed this aluminium lined leather style case for the Amazon Kindle 3 in their ‘Back to School Essentials’ list. Well at least buying your child an Amazon Kindle would encourage him or her to read, and placing it in a sturdy case would help protect it from any potential damage that may occur on the commute to school. We still reckon the ‘cooler’ kids are seen with an iPhone or iPad though!

iPad 2 and the race of the third-party accessory makers

Steve Jobs had barely left the stage and my inbox began to fill with third-parties eager to give me their take on the iPad 2. Apple’s obsession with thinness has trimmed the old iPad to a shadow of its former self and left the rich ecosystem of cases and knick-knacks looking to upgrade. As with the iPad 1, Apple debuted a pretty clever case system – this time using folds and magnets to simultaneously shield and show off your new device. Third-parties will have their work cut out.


Scosche Industries were first in my inbox:

“We take pride in consistently being one of the first accessory manufacturers to market following a new Apple product announcement,” said Kas Alves, Executive Vice President of Scosche Industries.  “This time we are taking our commitment to being a market leader to a new level by delivering all our new iPad 2 products in the same month as Apple’s announcement.”

And what did they have to show? The Scosche glosSEE p2 is a translucent, flexible rubber case for the new tablet that provides an enhanced grip and superior protection while the Scosche snapSHIELD p2 is a low profile polycarbonate case for iPad 2.  The shatterproof snapSHIELD is $29.99 and the glosSEE is  $39.99. There was also the $59.99 Scosche freeKEY, a water resistant, Bluetooth keyboard, perfect for working on the go (presumably if you are around a lot of liquids).  The silicone keyboard has a wireless range of up to 30 feet, a retractable USB cable for charging, and rolls up for easy storage.  Although as it works with all Apple Bluetooth iOS devices, sneaking it in under an iPad 2 press release is probably cheating a bit.

Logic3 were quick to email and remind me that their iPad dock range covered here works just as well with an iPad 1 as an iPad 2. Duly noted.


However, I was most impressed with Proporta, the Brighton based manufacturer of protective gadget cases and accessories, simply as they went all out – releasing 17 new products designed specifically for the new Apple iPad 2 – 15 different protective cases ranging from £19.95 to £59.95 and two Advanced Screen Protectors. The range includes two styles of Proporta’s unique Aluminium Lined Leather Case, an eco-friendly Proporta Smart Recycled Leather Case, two exclusive Mizu flexible TPU shells, five fashion-focused cases from the Proporta Shine collection and a distinctive Maya II pouch range. Two Leather Sleeves, Profile Hard Shells, Leather Style Cases and a Black Leather Case complete Proporta’s Apple iPad 2 protective case offering.

As for our actual thoughts on the iPad 2? Well I’d be foolish to opine so strongly on a device I’d not yet touched but I retain some cautious optimism until I get one in my hands. More than most gadgets, tablets and smartphones need to be played with before you can get a decent sense of them. I’m a big fan of my iPad 1, have been underwhelmed by most (but not all) rival offerings and write most of my LG articles on it – the tiresome dictum that iPads (and tablets in general) are solely for consumption rather than creation should surely be put to bed now. An iPad that is faster, lighter and throws in a few new toys (cameras, HDMI out and gyroscopes) can’t be a bad thing. Now does anyone want to buy my old iPad?

Proporta TurboCharger 5000: Get fired up on the move

Between mobile phones, tablet PCs, cameras and whatever other gadgets so many of us cart about all day, it’s sometimes hard to keep up with what’s been charged and what hasn’t. And if you’ve got a gadget that’s juice-hungry, it can be really easy to run out of power even if you’ve gone out with a full battery charge.


So what’s the solution? Well, you could carry about an assortment of chargers with you wherever you go, but short of lumbering around with a shopping-bag sized bag to carry them all in, you’d also need to find somewhere to plug them in. Hmm, not an easy option. So is there a solution? Well, now there’s the Proporta TurboCharger 5000.

This nifty little device is compatible with any of your devices that charges up from a standard USB port, and its makers say that it packs enough power for even the hungriest of gadgets – including the iPad.

With one Mini USB input port and two USB output ports, the Turbocharger 5000 also comes supplied with a number of connector heads. Its LED screen shows you how much charge it has, but its makers say it is possible to charge up the iPad, for instance, and a BlackBerry at the same time.

Could be a Godsend for anyone who travels on business, or who just spends a lot of time out and about but still wants access to all their electronic wizardry.

At £42.95, it’s not over-expensive, and it’s a small price to pay if it’s essential that you have access to your tablet and phone at all time.

Find out more at www.proporta.com