Firebox Christmas Preview: MiLi iPhone Projector, Gyro Flyer, Lomo Panoramic 360 camera

Latest Gadgets were invited to see the goodies that will be available at this Christmas. You probably know as they offer a range of products including quirky gadgets to random toys, but are almost always unusual and exciting. Here are our top gadgets to watch out for.


Ever wanted to watch a video stored on your iPhone on a big screen? The MiLi iPhone Projector projects video and photos from your iPhone to any wall spanning up to 70 inches. If you do not have an iPhone, don’t worry as it connects to the Blackberry via USB and DVD players, mp3 players and mobile phones via the AV-in plug. The projector produces a 640×780 VGA image which is not bad for a portable projector. You can connect it to your laptop if you have the video or presentation saved on your laptop. On the audio side of things, it has built-in 2W speakers and if you really want to pump up the volume, you have the option to add speakers using the AV-out slot. The optimal projection size is 40 inches and it has a handy remote. A charge time of 4.5 hours provides 2 hours of projection time, just enough time for a movie. The MiLi iPhone Projector beats it nearest competitor, Optoma Pico PK 101 DLP Projector, as it has more battery life and can provide a larger image if you want to go to 70 inches. With its clamshell design, it is portable and perfect for travellers. I would have liked a higher resolution but there has to be a trade-off with portability and other features. Available for £219.99 here.


We also got to play with the Gyro Flyer R/C Helicopter. This remote-controlled helicopter is easy to fly and well built so you can crash it a few times like I did and it will be just fine. Once you get the hang of the controls you will be up, up and away. The Gyro Flyer can be controlled with precise movements so you can land perfectly and it has an advanced gyroscope for in-flight stability. The remote is twin-toggle transmitter that doubles as a charger. A 20 min charge gives 6-8 minutes of flying time. It’s a short time but it will be fun. It does not have the video that the Hawk Eye Spy-Copter has but it is sturdy and great for kids. Available for £39.99 here.


The Lomo Panoramic 360° Camera is a camera with a difference. It provides a whole different view on things as it captures 360° panoramic images of everything around you. It uses 35mm film and a manual rubber band drive. It works by you grabbing the handle, pull the ripcord and the Lomo will spin round 360° taking everything in view. The shots are 4 times longer than a standard landscape shot. This would great for holidaymakers so you can get some unique shots.  The Lomo generates up to eight 360° shots on a regular 36 exposure 35 mm roll. I know it uses 35mm roll which some of you may consider ancient but I think the shots you can get are worth it. If this could be made to take digital photos this would be faultless. It is a fairly large camera so you will need space for it. Available for £99.99 here.