Seagate Wireless Plus: Hard drives built for the road

In the materialistic world of gadgets it’s important to remember that you can’t take it with you when you go. The world of portable storage however, begs to differ and Seagate’s new Wireless Plus mobile storage device even wants to bring your friends and family to the party.


I’ve always enjoyed companies innovating around limitations. Modern tablets and smartphones have very limited storage (although I’m writing this the day the 128GB iPad was launched) and rather than be confined by this, a new breed of Wireless hard drives that expands storage options has flourished. In the same way I’m hoping that the switch to Lightening ports on iPad will jumpstart a new wave of AirPlay and Bluetooth docks.

Seagate’s new Wireless hard drives are designed with sharing in mind and up to eight smartphones or tablets can wirelessly stream content. The 1TB drive has space for up to 500 high definition movies and a 10 hour battery life which is great for long road trips or flights, when you can’t access the streaming magic of platforms like, Spotify and Netflix. So you can watch Tron even when you are off the grid.

The drive has a removable SperSpeed USB3.0 adapter loading your content should be quick and painless. There’s also an app (I type that 4 times a week) that works with iOS, Android and Kindle Fire HD devices. And if you have bigger plans, content stored on the Wireless Plus can be viewed on proper screens using an app designed specifically for Samsung Smart TV (2012 onwards) and Blu-ray players.


Seagate Wireless Plus mobile storage is available from £169.99.