Quick look: Kodak Playtouch 1080p Camcorder


If you’ve got a smartphone, you’re probably already addicted to touchscreen technology. So if I tell you that Kodak’s latest camcorder also has touch screen controls, you might get just a little bit excited. The Playtouch is the latest in the line of ‘Play’ cameras from Kodak, the last being the PlaySport, which was pretty well received.

The Kodak Playtouch is obviously relying on its touchscreen facility to attract new users – and it’s pretty nifty. The 3.2in LCD screen is of the capacitive type – that means it’s along the same lines as the high-end smartphones, rather than the cheaper resistive type, which requires hard pressing to get a reaction. The screen allows you to do some on-screen editing of your HD video, before popping it on the web. This is simple – press the Share button, decide where you want your film to go, pop out the USB arm and your video is ready for the world to see on the web.

The screen is also anti-glare so that you can see what you’re shooting in bright light, and your HD clips (maximum quality 1080p) can be recorded to the 128Mb internal memory or removable SD or SDHC cards.

It is also possible to add voiceover to your footage, add pictures and music to videos and get your friends’ best sides with smart face tracking technology. But it’s not all good news; reviewers who have managed to get their hands on the PlayTouch have reported disappointing quality in footage – and audio – although the still image quality (the camera takes stills at 5mp) has got the thumbs up.

The good news for Mac owners is that the camera is both PC and Mac compatible. Its lithium-ion battery can be charged via USB, and an HDMI cable is included so that you can hook it up to your TV to watch your movies on the big screen.

The question is whether the £179.99 price tag is worth paying for the privilege of that touchscreen facility. That’s up to you…The Kodak Playtouch is available now from Firebox.com.