Be the perfect party planner with Usher

Are you busily trying to organise all kinds of Christmas events – and are you getting bogged down trying to keep track of who’s doing what and when?

Maybe you need a little hand from MicroStrategy’s iPhone app, Usher. This app lets you set up and manage all those parties and drinks events from start to finish.


How does it work? Well, first of all it allows you to send out personalised invitations using Facebook. Create an event from your iPhone and then use filters to identify who you want on the guestbook – so no laboriously scrolling through your long contacts lists,.

You can then manage your guest list – checking RSVPs in real time, managing VIP lists (if it’s that kind of event!) and sending out last-minute invitations. Usher will sort a printed guest list for you too if you wish.

Mobile tickets are then delivered to your guests’ smartphones, so they don’t need to worry that they might forget a printed invite. For those without a smartphone, tickets can be accessed on a browser or printed from the web.

If you have doormen (or women) at your events, they can check people in using Usher on their iPhones and validate their tickets using a Facebook photo, QR Code, Sight Code, Usher Code or Phrase Code. The organiser can then see who has arrived by checking their own phone.

This sounds a great idea for the party planner and anyone who organises PR events. Try it out for free by heading to the website and clicking on the link to the App Store.