TWIG: Blackbox silencer headphones, SLURLs review, Sound Pillows and more

The Week In Gadgets

It’s been a busy week in technology with the demise of my favourite web app Google Wave, the unveiling of Amazon’s Kindle 3 and Apple’s “Magic Trackpad”… or as we like to call it “Trackpad”

Released 2 weeks ago, but only in my hands this week, Blackbox’s new i10 silencer headphones were also impressive. Self-powered and noise cancelling the i10s are for hardcore audio enthusiasts – especially as they only work via Apple’s unique 30 pin dock. They claim to cancel 92% of background noise using ANR technology and at £79.99 RRP are comfortably in the reach of most “high end” earphones – although the 30 pin dock connector does restrict what you can use these headphones with.


We were all excited about the release of Y-Cam’s Bullet, a weatherproof network camera, which allows you to view and hear footage in real-time, from anywhere in the world. Think of the possibilities. Keep an eye out for Naomi’s review which should be out some time next week.

We had a look at a range of fantastic pillows, travel pillows and headboards from Sound Asleep that came with built-in speakers. I was then pointed in the direction of Sound Pillow, who also make an integrated pillow speaker –designed for tinnitus sufferers but popular with festival goers, travellers and students. You can check out the £27.99 pillow here.

We mentioned SLURLs a while back and I was lucky enough to get my hands on a review copy. Initially I approached the slim volume with scepticism – how funny can a book about domain names be? Fortunately it turns out that the answer is “quite” and Chief SLURLer Andy Geldman managed to throw in some genuine laughs as well as a few interesting facts and a Nathan Barley reference along the way. SLURLs makes a great causal read or gift for anyone with even a passing interest in Internet culture. Make a nerd happy here.

Of course there were a slew of apps released. The Cineworld iPhone app caught my eye – it uses geodata to locate your nearest Cineworld, with films and screening times and compare with other Cineworlds. Best of all you can purchase tickets from the app, distinguishing it from other similar Movie apps.

Pinch recently launched a multiplatform app “Pinch – iMessenger, iContacts & iLocation Sense”. iDon’t know what this means but it appears to improve on standard SMS but including location data and social networking features. They have launched the Pinch iPad Global Contest where users can win iTunes gift cards, iPads and more prizes. Check it out for download details, support handsets and details on how to win an iPad.

And finally the fun and free iPhone and Android “Postcard” sends your holiday snaps to an FTP in Dorset and posts them the same day (there is a 4 pm cut off ) Simple yet effective. Check it out.