Look out Q, here comes the W Phonewatch

Miniscule, inconspicuous and with its real identity masked, even James Bond’s “Q” would be proud of Kempler & Strauss’s W Phonewatch.

As the name suggests, the W Phonewatch is a cellphone, disguised as a wristwatch. Although unlike the torrent of wrist-watch phones that have saturated the market in recent years, which awkwardly lie on its owner’s wrists and become more of a hindrance than a help, the W Phonewatch is the world’s smallest, fully-featured, GMS unlocked cellphone available, offering discretion with a multitude of features.

It is mind-boggling how such a slim-line and unobtrusive device can host such throng of facets, including a built-in camera, multimedia stereo player, Outlook contact sync, video recorder and games.

Because the W Phonewatch is Bluetooth-enabled, it allows for seamless communication when used in conjunction with existing Bluetooth devices. But particularly, Kempler & Strauss insist, when it’s used with their own micro stereo Bluetooth headset, known as the Communicator. Keeping up the W Phonewatch’s ‘emissary’ theme, the Communicator is proudly advertised on its ability to be stored in the most hidden of places, like a shirt pocket. There is even a micro USB port incorporated that connects to a charger and a PC, giving frustrated and tired eyes some respite from squinting at the W Phonewatch’s diminutive screen.

Although pioneering in its aesthetical and dimensional advances, a phone offering this amount of feature diversity in such a condensed product, there are bound to be some drawbacks. Its tiny menus rely on the most perfect of vision, whilst its micro-touch user interface relies is most delicate of touches. Positioning such a petite viewfinder accurately results in the ‘happy snapping’ conventional phone cameras proudly offer, being replaced by more ‘haphazard snapping’.

In short, Kempler & Strauss’s W Phonewatch is designed as an accessory – a secondary phone for whenever the urge arises to wear a phone on your wrist. Although as this undeniably intuitive gadget costs just 119.48 GBP, the prospect of wearing a real-life Bond-style phone, watch and camera on your wrist is obtainable, and consequently Kempler & Strauss may be on to a winner.

Shipping for this sophisticated, slight and stylish machine starts in the US on December 20th but won’t be available in the UK until 2010.  So unfortunately unwrapping a W Phonewatch on Christmas Day will not be possible, although the novelty could have worn off by Boxing Day anyway.