Olympus PEN Mini and PEN Lite: Image and Movie Quality without Compromising Style

Camera technology, it seems, is going from strength to strength with virtually every week a new camera is announced claiming some kind of marvellous photographic innovation. Since the Japanese camera manufacturers, Olympus introduced its first camera in 1936, the leading corporation of optics has certainly had its fair share optics and reprography limelight.


Olympus’s latest creations have been given the names the PEN Mini (E-PM2) and the PEN Lite (E-PL5), and are apparently not just innovative, but feature award-winning technologies. Featuring the Live MOS sensor and TruePic VI image processor, which comes from – now here’s the prize-winning part –  its award-winning Micro Four Thirds O-MD camera, Olympus’s two latest models produce high-resolution 16.1 Megapixel images and full HD movies. For anyone that isn’t quite fluent in the colloquialisms of camera technology, Olympus’s new camera’s pioneering internal guts means that super clear photos and movies can be achieved even in low light. Not only this but the Japanese corporation also assure us that when shooting HD movies, subjects can be magnified up to four times without any loss of resolution and will be blur free.

Both PENs allow users to ‘creatify’ – is that a word? – their images and movies with 12 on board Art Filters, although there’s nothing really new there as such creative features do seem to be an inherent characteristic of modern high-end digital cameras. A more novel touch of both PEN cameras is the fact that you can preview the image with an Art Filter, in real time on the LCD to ensure that you get the desired effect.

Another fairly novel feature of both cameras that is worth mentioning is the new FlashAir card that comes with the package, enabling users to share photos and videos directly on to social networking sites or to selected smartphones.


So what are the differences between the two PENS you may ask?

Well any additional features are a privilege of the more expensive PEN Lite (E-PL5), the most notable being a touch-screen that flips up by 170 degrees, with reversed image for self-portraits. Unlike its slightly inferior non-identical twin, the PEN Lite also benefits from an interchangeable grip to enable greater personalisation.

With so many high quality cameras that are bursting with innovative features that can make even the most amateur of photographer appear professional, modern cameras are dedicated to combining image quality with style. Whilst many camera manufacturers fail to achieve an uncompromised conciliation between producing quality images and videos out of a product that can be deemed stylish, we have to admit that Olympus PEN Mini and PEN Lite, with their super compact frames and striking colours of red, white, black and silver, seem to have met the balance.

Both cameras will be available from late October. The PEN Mini will set you back £499 and the PEN Lite £599. If you are into sharing your photographic inventions with all but sundry on the social media sites, and isn’t everyone theses days, are into ‘creatifying’ images with inventive features and filters and want a stylish-looking super compact camera, then Olympus’s new PENs could possibly be the cameras for you.

Philip’s new range of pen-sized inspection lights

Now here’s one gadget Christmas gift range that couldn’t go ignored! Philips’ new range of handheld inspection lights. Hmmm, sounds like one of those presents that your Dad opens and the rest of the family breathe a sigh of relief that they didn’t receive such a ‘sensible’ gift.


Mocking aside, Philips’ new range of inspection light pens could prove to be an ultra-useful gadget. Picture this, you have broken down on a cold winter’s night, you have no source of light to look under the bonnet, except of course, your new Philip’s pen light! Owning a rust-ridden Mercedes from 1994 (although it still has its badge), scenarios like this one happen to me all the time, so maybe I should put a Philips’ inspection pen on my own Christmas list!

No seriously, Philip’s latest range would make a great stocking filler, particularly for car and their mechanical functions enthusiasts. The so-called ‘baby’ of the range features six LED lights, the same, Philips inform us, as the ones used on many of the world’s leading super and executive cars for their Daytime Running Lights. The ‘baby’ also features a ‘seventh’ light at the top of the pen so that it can double up as a torch. This waterproof, damage resistant (Philips’ inform us that it endured a 1.5m test drop without sustaining any damage), pen-sized inspection light provides a light output of 250 lux (about twice as bright as other similar products for those who don’t understand the lux measurement), and comes with batteries that will last up to 11 hours of continuous use.

At £21.99 the Philip’s new inspection lights could definitely prove to be a popular choice of Christmas gift, especially for Dad perhaps, who’s always a difficult one to buy for.