Real-Life Car Pinball Showcases Ford’s New Technology

As a tech blog we receive hundreds of emails each week, mainly from marketing companies asking us to review their client’s latest product. We would therefore consider ourselves quite proficient in “marketing speak” but we have to confess that “brand pillars” is a new one to us. The four “pillars”, based on different technologies, over at car giant Ford are: Quality, Green, Safe and Smart.

To showcase these technologies, the company has created a number of videos and tests. For example, to demonstrate the effectiveness of their 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine and to prove how powerful it is, they took one to Nurburgring track and compared it (with favourable results) with a Ferrari Enzo!

This time around, they are keen to demonstrate their Active Park Assist technology, which helps steer you in to even the tightest of spaces. You simply push a button to kick in the car’s sensors which then, as you drive around, locate a big enough space to park in. It will then steer to you in to the space and all you have to do is follow the on-screen instructions and audible signals to operate the accelerator, gears and brake.

To put this to the test they went to the centre of Paris, where parking is notoriously hard to find and often very tight when you find a space. You can watch the video here:

These are just two of the technologies being put to the test. To fully demonstrate Ford’s other remarkable technologies, they have filmed a series of dramatic digital films which test the technologies in amazing ways. You can view these and find more information by heading over to Ford.

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