Parentsaround: Keep an eye on your kids online

One of the big worries for parents is what their children are doing online – what they’re viewing, who they’re talking to and so on.

Once your kids hit a certain age, even with the best will in the world it’s hard to watch them every second, which is why a new multi-device parental control system has been introduced.


Parentsaround lets parents supervise their children’s use of smartphones, PCs and Android tablets remotely via their own computer or smartphone.

The system, which is being shown at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this month works with Windows and Android. Monitoring is carried out using’s administration console. Parenst are able to track each child’s connection, filter internet use, control what time of day their children use devices and – the ultimate veto – disconnect the device from the internet!

The parental-control solution features Rapid Host Validation, an technology developed by Parentsaround that allows efficient internet filtering by analysing both words and images, as well as categorising websites.

The makers, French company Parentsaround, say that is quick to download and easy to install, as it only takes 10 seconds. The software is available from the company’s secure  internet portal and from the Google Play Store.

There is also a support forum for parents on the website Users can use the service free for a month, and then a subscription applies. A single licence equips 10 PC and Android devices, which can be located at different addresses. The ZEN subscription costs €2.99 a month and can be cancelled at any time using the admin control, and the ECO subscription is €29 a year and is payable in full when the order is placed.

Parentsaround is also being sold as a control solution to mobile-telecoms operators who would like to offer this service to their customers.