Overboard: Water water everywhere, so keep your gadgets dry

We’ve got not one, not two but three camping trips planned over the summer holidays – and while I keep frantically checking up on the weather, muttering about how wet it’s been recently so surely it’s going to be fine when we’re away, and making sacrifices to the great sun god at the bottom of the garden, the sensible thing would be to be prepared for the heavens to open on us.


And whether you’re planning a camping trip, because you like camping, want a cut-price holiday, or are heading off to a festival this summer, if you’re taking any gizmos or gadgets with you, you really should plan to keep them dry.

Waterproof gear – whether it’s clothes, bags or gadget packs – is not the cheapest, but when you add up how much it would cost you to replace your gadgetry, it’s probably worth spending a bit to keep it safe – a kind of insurance policy if you will

So bearing that in mind, the good-looking backpacks from Overboard don’t seem quite so pricey. The company claims its Pro-Sports Waterproof Backpack is 100 per cent waterproof thanks to (and I quote) “its high frequency electronic construction”. It also has padded shoulder straps lumbar support and a waist strap if you want it – expect to pay £47.50 for the blue or yellow packs and £57.49 for the black or red. They all carry 20l.

Dry Tube Bags from the same company are also waterproof, being made from tarpaulin, and as well as providing waterproof storage, they can be used as an ice bucket, drinks cooler or even as a pillow – a great bit of multitatasking. Prices start at £10.99 for a 5l bag.

Overboard has also come up with a number of custom-designed waterproof packs that allow you to keep your gadgets dry, and still use them at the same time – look out for the iPhone case and waterproof Camera Case at £15.99. a zoom lens camera case at £19.99 and SLR camera bag (£22.49).

Find out more at www.over-board.co.uk