Review: Maroo Otago Apple wireless keyboard case

I love typing with my iPad. I’m doing it right now. But even though I’m managing with the onscreen keyboard, I much, much prefer to get things down with a “physical” keyboard. My weapon of choice? The Apple Wireless keyboard. It’s a natural fit, sleek, lightweight and a delight to type with. But it’s also expensive and therefore should be guarded from the sharp, denting forces of the outside world. But a case … for a keyboard? Who would make such a thing? Enter Maroo with the Otago case.

“The Otago case was developed out of necessity,” said Michael Shaver, Senior Vice President at Maroo. “One of the members of the Maroo team loves his iPad, but found typing on the screen left his work error-ridden. His Apple wireless keyboard became indispensable to him, so he travelled with it everywhere. As experts in iPad protection, it became clear that it wasn’t just the tablet that was liable to knocks, drops and dirt. We developed the Apple wireless keyboard case to offer our customers the same high level of protection that they expect from Maroo’s premium collection of iPad cases.”

So what should you expect? Well the black, flip-top case offers two typing positions (both of which are quite comfortable for desk typing) with corner straps to hold the folio open or shut. But the Otago also contains Maroo’s patent-pending Safe Guard (SG) Bumper Technology -which not only protects the keyboard when it is dropped, but also protects the corners of the device. This is the same Bumper Technology found in their remarkably robust iPad cases so your keyboard is in good hands.

The Otago’s lining is made of soft, non-scratch material tightly encases the keyboard, keeping out dust and debris while it is being transported in a bag. With high-quality, textured leather to the exterior, the case is also protected from scrapes and spills. If you take your wireless keyboard on the road you might want to look into one. Although it is worth bearing in mind it costs almost as much as buying a new keyboard.

Pricing and Availability: The Otago from Maroo retails at £54.99. It is available from