Colour Splash Studio Mac review

If you’ve ever wanted to recreate “the little girl in the red jacket” effect from Schindler’s List then a new app has just hit the Mac App Store just for you, and rocketing in at number one you’re apparently not alone in your desire.


Whilst not the only app that lets you create colour splash photography, it is the most powerful – at least according to the team behind it – the MacPhun guys who you might remember from the FX Studio Pro app we looked at recently.

If you don’t know colour splash photography – it’s basically desaturating all but certain parts of the image – you’ve probably seen a black and white photo with bright red lipstick left in for example. It used to be a high-end effect for powerful computers. I can now do it on my phone. This makes me feel as old as the Schindler’s List reference I made at the top of this review. I digress.

So how is it to use? Simple to the point where it also beggars belief. You can drag and drop a photo into the workspace, swipe away with the brush and enjoy the results. Obviously the more complex the image, the more work you will have to put in to impress but common sense should apply with all your image choices. Colour Splash plays nice with full screen Lion and it’s great having all that space and a nice clean layout to work with.

What is more, there are enough adjustable parameters that you can work with very complex images, fiddling with brush diameter, opacity and softness to add nuance to your images. You can also tweak the bright, contrast and so on for the colour and greyscale layer and for added creativity you can play with the blur.

The flexibility doesn’t stop there – you can fiddle with a wide range of popular image formats – jpeg, bitmaps, tiffs and even RAW files. Sharing is also easy, and Colour Splash plays nicely with Aperture and iPhoto as well as popular social networks such as Flikr, Twitter and Facebook.

What’s not to like? Well to be honest not that much. If you don’t like Colour Splash images, or can’t imagine ever making more that two, then obviously this is not for you. For the rest of you – check it out.

Colour Splash is out on the Mac App store for the low low price of £1.49 (it’s 60% off for a limited time)