Orbitsound T12v3 soundbar: Surround sound magic

We’re always amazed by those single speakers (soundbars) that sit in front of TV and emit surround-sound from one speaker. They just don’t make sense to us. Still, this hurdle hasn’t stopped British manufacturer Orbitsound from producing their best-sounding soundbar to date: the T12v3.


The new Orbitsound T12v3 may not have the most memorable name (compared with Pioneer’s Soundwing), but the engineers promise that its performance will stay with you, even if the name doesn’t. The new bar boasts “even greater sound clarity, improved bass response and extended volume range” than the old model.

Specifically, the new Orbitsound should offer a smoother, tighter bass response thanks to an improved subwoofer. The main speaker drives also include higher quality components which produce a more rigid, balanced, cleaner sound stage. Oh, and the whole is system is more powerful.

Another benefit of the T12v3 (and all soundbars), is that they produce surround-sound without the limitations of a “sweet-spot”. Traditional surround-systems produce one-direction sound which creates one location that’s good for listening at the expense of the rest of the room.

Audiences seem to be noticing the difference, too – in less than a year, UK sales of the T12v2 soundbar already rivalled those of more established brands.

That’s only going to increase as the company has been working closely with giant retail partners including John Lewis and Harrods, as well as signing a deal with Widget – the UK distributor that introduced the TomTom to our shores.

As a soundbar, it looks as you’d expect it: a bit like the flatscreen TV it’s supposed to sit in front of. It’s got a high-gloss finished with a metallic speaker grill to give the device a premium finish. The grill should also ensure the sound is more acoustically transparent, too.

The T12v3 soundbar costs £299 and will be available from September 2011.  For more information about the Orbitsound and the T12v3, visit www.orbitsound.com.