Optrix iPhone XD5: Rough and tumble smartphone action

Since it’s fourth iteration the iPhone has long been my camera of choice when it comes to being on my person at all times and rough and ready snaps. And as the lenses and technology behind them get progressively better its become less of a “that’s a good picture for an iPhone” and more “that’s a good picture”. As the video images are also pretty stunning. The Apple accessories ecosystem is never slow to notice a trend and there are a plethora of amazing add-ons to enhance your videography and photography. I’ve seem camera dollies, steadycams, lighting systems and microphones. But what if you live life to the max?


The Optrix XD5, is perfect for lovers of rugged action sports, and provides a wide-angle camera case for iPhone 5. Much like the popular GoPro range of cameras the XD5 is carefully encased to so you can capture great footage of you bungee jumping, skiing, skateboarding or BMXing. And much like the smash hit GoPro range of cameras the XD5 will not smash when hit (I hope you appreciate the effort I put into these puns) capable of withstanding all conditions, including earth shattering drops and drenching downpours.

The XD5 incorporates a door to access charging connectors and headphone jack, has an interchangeable lens system and can be easily removed from the mounting system.

Optrix introduced the first rugged action cases for the iPhone 4/4S and these new models are leaner, lighter and stronger, with a higher waterproof rating of up to 15 feet.

And it’s not just insurance against clumsiness. The XD5 has a three layer, all glass, wide- angle lens, which is part of a wider interchangeable lens system. The kit includes the ultra-rugged main housing, iPhone 5 sled, 2 mounts (curved and flat) and a quick release rail system so your photography can be as adventurous as you are.

Optrix has also launched a series of video recording apps allowing users to lay speed, g-force, lap-time and more right onto their videos.

The XD5 is available for pre order now at £89.95 to include delivery and will ship the second week in February 2013 from www.Xeniahd.com