Opalum Flow 1010: Understated statement speakers

If you like your technology to match, your gadgets to “hang” and your wires disguised, the new Flow 1010 “floating” speakers may just grab your attention.


Badged as “the TV’s new best friend” by its manufacturer, Scandinavian audio company Opalum, these diminutive, yet statement speakers are designed to sit streamlined while smartly flanking your LED or Plasma telly.

But jostling for position in a busy speaker market, Flow 1010’s key differentiator is the fact they’re so unobtrusive they appear to “float”. They were designed by Scandinavian designer Eva Hanner, and have a translucent, acrylic glass front, responsible for the floating effect.

Choose from white or high-gloss black to either blend into your magnolia walls or match your goggle box and listen in wonder to the patented “Actisonic” and “Actiline” digital audio technology, which promises a clear, crisp and natural sound. This technology leans on “decades of academic research”, using impressive-sounding “inverse filtering algorithms and psychoacoustics” to manage air movement around the speaker for optimum sound reproduction.

Although the wave shape of the actual features could be attributed to its chic ambitions and designer heritage, apparently it lends itself to boosting depth of sound and delivers smooth bass.

But don’t let your telly have all the fun. Flow 1010 comes with a hub and RF touch remote so you can hook them up to your other audio devices and spread the floaty-sound around. They use a 20W amplifier for high frequencies and a 60W amplifier for low frequencies, resulting in “bi-amplification” and 80 watts of power in each speaker.

Saving all the design time for the speakers themselves, the comparatively ungainly hub and its – woe-betide – cabling can be hidden out of sight even when in use.

Floating designer speakers will inevitably leave your wallet a lot lighter – you’ll need to stump up £1,649 to give your TV, your lounge room lines and other audio technology a breath of fresh air.