Nuance OmniPage 18 document converter review


For an academically inclined nerd I have a surprising amount of upper body strength, a fact I attribute solely to lugging weighty tomes regarding 18th century agrarian poetry around campus for three years. But if you already have a sensible exercise regime in place, you might be looking to cut down on the amount of paper you heave from room to room. Like the cute boy in American teen movies who offers to carry your books for you between classes, Nuance have shyly coughed and are pointing you in the direction of their new OmniPage 18 software.

I know, I reeled you in with that amazing opening sentence that involved nerds, muscles and 18th century agrarian poetry (now there’s a movie idea) only to Sucker Punch you with document conversion software! But wait! Read on! OmniPage 18 really is much more exciting than it sounds.

OmniPage 18 is a conversion and scanning application designed to handle high volumes of documents from multiple devices, document archiving to popular ECM systems and document conversion in Cloud storage – including the ubiquitous and mostly wonderful DropBox. If you have any household or business critical documents and need to store them, OmniPage is your guy.

Check out a tutorial here:

A wide range of scanners are supported so if you have one of those kicking around it should be able to help out. The conversion algorithm has been improved, so the level of accuracy is high and document formatting of tables and charts is preserved – I once worked pdfing financial documents and the production department would often throw a fit when pdf conversion bugs would throw a table out of alignment or change the colour of a chart – so software you can trust matters.

What excited (yes excited) me most about Omnipage is that you can capture text from your iPhone (or any camera) and it will convert it using the magic of OCR into electronic files you can edit, search and share. Omnipage have made document conversion fast, flexible and , dare we say it, fun.

Yours to own for £79.99 from

Nuance PDF convertor for Mac review

After all the excitement of making How to Train Your Dragon NaturallySpeaking software, the team at Nuance decided they would look at something a little more down to earth with the PDF convertor for Mac.

As someone who has had to both read and write scripts on a regular basis, I’ve seen more than my fair share of PDFs. Unfortunately this has led to a lamentable amount of tears over “final” drafts of documents riddled with errors or last minute corrections. The Type Tool in Acrobat Pro has saved my life so many times, Adobe should replace the cursor icon they currently use with some sort of cape.

Image courtesy of Flickr user ExeterAnna

But the full version of Acrobat is shockingly expensive (just shy of £200) causing my former finance director to do an impressive spit take all over his monitor when I told him we needed copies for everyone in the office. His monitor may have remained coffee free had he known about Nuance PDF convertor (NPC) for Mac, a high performance, low cost PDF convertor.

Unlike free PDF creators, NPC supports a range of high end PDF functions. Whilst all Macs can print to PDF automatically, NPC allows you to edit directly within the PDF file – allowing you to fiddle with text and move, copy, resize or delete images. Bring able to convert PDFs back into fully formatted source documents is also pretty special. Nuance claim support for Word, Excel and WordPerfect files, although I wasn’t able to check the WordPerfect files Sorry WordPerfect fans. As if you haven’t suffered enough.

Other features include the ability to save to searchable PDF – much like Acrobat’s OCR feature. You can also create PDF forms that you can fill in, moving us ever closer to the laughably far away dream of the paperless office.

If you use Macs in business and do a lot of worth with documents then NPC is definitely worth checking out.