5 USB Flash Drives With a Double Life


With the advent of cloud storage, flash drives aren’t quite the essential items they once were. They still have their place though as a handy means of transferring data or carrying files that you don’t trust to the cloud. But rather than having a flash drive that just dangles from your keyring or sits in your pocket, wouldn’t it be useful if you could have one that had another purpose? Well, you can, we present the top five flash drives with a double life.

Clothes Peg

Not only does this neat little gadget offer you a generous 4GB of flash storage it also lets you hang your socks on the line after you’ve rinsed them out. Okay, so you may not be so desperate to dry your laundry that you’d want to use a flash drive but it does have a practical use. You can clip the drive to your bag or your coat so that you’ll always know where it is, or use it to keep together important papers on your desk.

The clothes peg drive is sold by HDE and is available via Amazon.



Flash drives often come with a lanyard that you can hang around your neck, but the look isn’t exactly geek chic. For a more stylish alternative what better way of discreetly carrying your flash storage around than in a bit of bling? No one will guess that your sparkly pendant is in fact a 32GB flash drive. Unless that is you plug it in whilst you’re still wearing it in which case you’re going to look a bit silly.

The USB necklace is available from Focalprice.com and there are quantity discounts so you can buy them for all your friends.


S Memory

The S Memory is a sleek, slim metal device that will slip into the credit card slot of your wallet. Fold out the USB tab and you can plug it into your PC when you need to access the storage. Even better than that it also doubles as a handy bottle opener so not only will you not lose your memory stick you’ll always be popular with your mates when it comes to opening a beer.

S Memory is currently a Kickstarter project and you can sigh up to register your interest and be one of the first to own one at Kickstarter.com


Victorinox Flash

The classic Swiss Army knife has been around for a long time but, since demand for getting stones out of horses’ hooves is not what it was, supplier Victorinox has launched a version for the 21st century that includes a USB drive. It’s available in various versions with 2 or 16GB capacity and the option of extra gadgets including an LED torch and a laser pointer. There’s also a model without sharp objects that’s safe to take on aircraft. You can see the various versions available at swisstool.co.uk Swisstool



Everybody is familiar with the concept of wristbands these days, they allow you to show off your support for a charity or good cause whilst making a fashion statement and simultaneously getting caught up with your sleeves. The Sinophy wristband incorporates a 1GB memory stick and is available in nine colours making it a practical way of carrying your data around and looking cool into the bargain.

The Sinophy wristband is available from Play.com.

CHOBiCAM Cheese Camera is Gouda’Nuff


The new camera by Japan Trust Technology puts a whole new meaning to “Say Cheese!”. The company has just revealed the launch of the first ever cheese-shaped camera. The miniature camera promises to make anyone smile, without ever having to tell them to say cheese. The camera is called a CHOBiCAM and while it looks like a kid’s toy camera, it actually takes high-resolution 1280×1024 pixel pictures that can be loaded onto your computer, just like any other digital camera.

If you’re wondering just how small the CHOBiCAM is, picture yourself putting a piece of cheddar in the palm of your hand. The company related it to about the size of a traditional eraser and the camera only weighs 16 grams, with the exact cheesy dimensions being W45xH30xD24mm. 16 grams is about the weight of 3 or 4 crayons, which tells you exactly how light it is.


Aside from taking pictures of your friends, or of cheese, you can also take short video with the camera. The tiny camera records sound just as well as most basic digital cameras do while shooting video, and it stores audio as MP3 files. The maximum amount for video and audio is approximately 75 minutes, which is perfectly serviceable. The CHOBiCAM also takes vintage-looking pictures without the use of filters.

When you purchase the CHOBiCAM, you can use any micro SDHC memory card to store your pictures, video and audio files. It also comes with a chargeable battery and USB cable – the battery only takes about an hour to give you full charge. Because you’re using a micro SD card, you will need an AC adapter for transferring media files.

Take a metaphorical bite out of this new cheese-shaped camera and capture natural and honest smiles from your friends. Just seeing the triangular, cheesy digital camera makes it impossible for people not to smile. The challenge will certainly be keeping the camera safe since it’s so small and adorable, everyone will be tempted to use for themselves. As an added bonus, Japan Trust Technology includes a small camera strap, to help you hold on to it.

Secret Agent Alarm Clock Review: On Her Majesty’s Sleep-Rest Service


Sure you could wake to the sun’s rays, a cock crowing or the chime of alarm bells, but where’s the fun in that. If you’ve ever been startled awake at 5 in the morning and had the sudden desire to pop a cap in someone’s ass, then the Thumbs Up Secret Agent Alarm Clock is perfect.

Styled like a classic 007 Walther PPK (I think), the Secret Agent Alarm Clock, slips under your pillow and vibrates when the appointed time is near. Your finely tuned reflexes can reach for your piece and shoot the wall or ceiling to see the time projected as an LED clock face.

Aside from the trigger, which fires up the LED there are only two simple buttons on the battery-powered device, one to set the time and one to set the alarm. If you’ve ever used a classic alarm clock (and if you’re under a certain age there’s a fair chance you might not have) then it’s easy to use and if there’s one thing you won’t be reaching for it’s the instructions.

This is obviously a fun bordering on the novel gadget, making a great device for anyone who wants to live a live of espionage, intrigue and punctuality. As an alarm clock it is only so-so – the vibrations are a little bit mild – although the silence is useful as you can get up early without waking your partner. It definitely woke me up day to day but if I had a super important reason to be up – like a flight or job interview it’s more likely to be my back up alarm clock.

If you’re wondering what does get me up in the morning then you’re in luck as I’m going to tell you. In the winter months the alarm clock function on the Philips Hue is pretty much unbeatable. When it’s bright in the mornings I prefer the Sleep Cycle app, which measures your sleep cycles and wakes you at the lightest point – without the jarring slap in the face of the traditional alarm clock

The Secret Agent Alarm Clock is out now from Thumbs Up for £19.99

Bullet proof! Four gadgets not to be messed with

“Bullet proof gadgets” you may cry aghast that there are such products. Although as we saw last summer with the English riots that stunned the whole world, Britain’s yob culture is a force not to be taken lightly. The shock of the English riots may have eventually settled down but the memories of the hooded yobs instilling fear and mayhem on Britain’s streets have far from faded and therefore taking the precaution of ‘bullet proofing’ your gadgets might not be as far-fetched as it first sounds.

Hence there is now a market for bullet proof gadgets – Check out these four.


Bullet Proof iPhone case

People will go to long lengths to protect their beloved iPhones, which happen to be one of the most ‘nickable’ items of modern society. Therefore when Japanese technology manufacturers, Marudai, unveiled its ‘indestructible’ steel case that can resist a .50 caliber round, instead of creating outrage, the world of tech embraced the creation as the ‘perfect protection for those planning to recreate the infamous iPhone vs gun’ videos on YouTube, whereby some crazy guys shoot at their iPhones and other gadgets just to ‘see what happens’.

This $650 – yes $650 – bullet proof case features an inch thick slab of steel plating that Marudai claims can resist a .50 caliber round – Trust the Japanese!

Pretec i-Disk Bullet Proof

In the underground world of a London gang being able to boast that your USB stick is bullet proof is likely to be worth a touch of credibility. But for those of us living a non-criminal existence would there be any point in owning a Pretec i-Disk Bullet Proof? I mean what are the chances of your USB stick being shot at?

Asides being bullet proof, data transfers with the tiny I-Disk are apparently super-speedy and as well as getting mobile lock software for locking down your PC or laptop, the i-Disk contains a Security Zip for wrapping up precious data in password-protected armour – Now that’s more like it!

Bullet Proof undies

According to Tech News Daily, US marines recently requested for 27,500 pairs of “ballistic undergarments” – bullet proof undies!

Made from a special anticmicrobial double weave silk, the ultra-tough underwear will help protect soldiers and marines from low-angle explosives associated with landmines and other explosives.

Bullet Proof nail varnish

Whilst nail polish can hardly be considered as being a gadget, the ludicrousness of there being such a thing as bullet proof nail varnish makes it worthy of a mention. To avoid those ghastly chips from occurring on your nails before you’ve even left the house, ‘Nutra Nail’ is apparently one of the strongest nail polishes available. How? Because its made with Kevlar, the patented material used in bullet proof vests.

Although nail polish that glides on smoothly weaving a powerful shield that resists nails from splitting, cracking, peeling and breaking, will cost you, a whopping £12.95 bottle!

The Royal Wedding Phone: Grossly patriotic? Or fun and affordable?

For some, the only vague spark of interest caused by ‘Wills and Kate’s’ wedding this month, is the fact the date of the wedding has been made into a public holiday. Whilst for others the excitement over the ‘Royal Wedding’ is so intense, that joining in the Will and Kate Wedding Walk in London is imperative, likewise so is purchasing all memorabilia associated with the happy couple. If you are of the latter tendency, you will be excited to learn about The Carphone Warehouse’s special edition Royal Wedding Mobile Phone.


This patriotic phone comes, albeit foully, wrapped inside Union Jack casing with the couple’s initial and date of the wedding inscribed on the reverse, and, even more hideously, features a William and Kate customised wall paper and a special ‘Wedding March’ ringtone. Although mock as we may, this special edition phone is actually quite a bargain. For just £14.95 royalists will own a slim – although we don’t know whether anything so grossly patriotic could be considered as stylish – Alcatel One Touch model, Pay As You Go mobile.

In spite of weighing just 68g, the Royal Wedding Phone boasts impressive battery life, which provides up to 4.5 hours of talk time and up to 13 days standby time. Although its extensive battery life is not the phone’s only notable attribute, as it also possesses a significant 1.5 inch colour screen, an FM radio, a calculator, a clock with an alarm and there are also 64 polyphonic ringtones available for when the ‘Royal March’ ringtone finally makes you feel like hurling the phone out of the window!

The only thing that is missing on the Royal Wedding Phone is a camera so that devout royalists can take pictures of the highly anticipated ceremony and celebrations. Although for just £14.95 what do you expect? And perhaps I am being a little miserable and cynical, as the Royal Wedding phone could be described as being a fun and affordable phone, which as Mark Eastham, Commercial Director for the Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy said about the limited edition mobile, “really taps into the national spirit over the coming months.”

You have got to admit that the nation really has got ‘Royal Wedding’ fever, and consequently The Carphone Warhouse, Best Buy and Alcatel One are likely to be onto a winner with the Royal Wedding phone.

Ion Twin Video camera: Perfect for double-takes

The latest Twin Video camera from Ion could change the face of You’ve Been Framed for ever! The latest take on the handheld video camera, the Twin Video has a front and rear lens, so, so you can record your reaction when your toddler falls asleep into his dinner, or when that stray football comes hurtling towards your face.


As you’re recording, you can also switch the 2.5in screen to view either what’s in front of you, or yourself, and when you go to edit the film on your PC (it’s not Mac-compatible), you can split the screen to watch both video feeds at the same time – or view them picture-in picture.

The Twin Video records 640×480 resolution videos onto a standard SD or SDHC card, has a 3x digital zoom, and films at 30fps.

The makers have designed the weighted handle to allow for steadier recording, and there is also a light on both sides of the camera for filming in dark situations. The lithium-ion battery is charged via USB or mains power.

The Twin Video is about the same size as the hugely popular Flip Mino, and its extra features might just be the deciding factor for many buyers. But how often you’d actually want to use the twin video facility depends on the user – it could be fun on a rollercoaster, we guess.

The ION Twin Video will be available from Firebox.com at £119.99