Sony’s new lightweight Vaio S Series Notebook

Especially designed for the worker on the go, on paper the new Sony Vaio S series notebook is the perfect balance of muscle and portability. The Japanese electrics giant have pushed the boat out as they look to strengthen their grip on the ultra-competitive notebook market, and it looks like they have ticked all the right boxes with the Vaio S.


With a choice of two different screen sizes (13.3″ or 15.5″), the notebooks are light enough to carry around with you and small enough to fit into most travel bags. The fast Intel Core i7 processor and 8Gb of memory mean this is more than powerful enough to handle demanding applications, and the GeForce GT graphics card make it compatible with the latest generation of games. A slot in BluRay or DVD drive completes the picture, making this a notebook to be taken seriously by any dedicated mobile user. Look out for the full range in the shops from early June onwards.

The full tech spec of the SVS1511W9E model
Processor – Intel Core i7-3612QM Processor
Memory – 8GB DDR3 1333MHz SDRAM
Storage – 1000GB HDD 5400rpm
Screen – 15.5” VAIO Display (1920×1080) with wide (16:9) aspect ratio
Graphics – Nvidia GeForce GT 640M LE GPU + Intel HD Graphics 4000
Other features – WLAN 802.11b/g/n; Bluetooth Ver. 4.0 + HS; USB 3.0 (x2), USB 2.0 with USB charge (x1); HDMI out; stereo speakers; HD Web Camera powered by ‘Exmor for PC’ (1.31 megapixels); Web, VAIO and Assist buttons; keyboard and touchpad with gesture support
Dimensions – 255 x 23.9 x 380 mm
Weight – 2kg

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Size is of the essence: Sony’s new Vaios

Women, it seems are not the only ones desperately trying to shed some pounds to meet society’s demands, which insanely equates being thin with being desirable. As technology has been lifted into similar spheres of the slim and slender having perseverance over the big and bulky, although within the realms of technology the equation is not so insane. The very essence of ‘a notebook’, which is steering the phenomenon of ‘surfing the net’ whilst being on the go, means the lighter, smaller and ‘thinner’ the machine, the better.


Sony recognizes the growing urgency for technology to be thin, and their VAIO series of notebooks takes ‘being slim’ to the same level that Twiggy took to it to in the 1960s. Determined to bring the depth dimensions under 10.00 mm, the Sony Vaio M is 9.99mm in depth and weighs just 1.45 kg, allowing Sony to proudly market the Vaio M as the “thinnest notebook ever!” There are no real outstanding features to mention with this micro processor, predictably the operating system is Windows 7 and it comes with Bluetooth support, which is a “standard” feature nowadays. Although being this slight and proportionately pleasing usually comes at price and the Vaio M, which is to be launched in Europe at the end of this month, will set you back a staggeringly high 1,739 euros (approximately 1,555 GBP).

But the Vaio M is only part of Sony’s group of emerging “superthin” and “super sexy” notebooks. Never wanting to shun from the limelight, Sony are ostentatiously dubbing the Vaio E series as being “a masterpiece of simplicity and aesthetics”. A “masterpiece” for their petite dimensions, for their simplicity to use, which require no boot up systems, maybe, but a masterpiece in extensive capabilities or innovatory features, the new Vaio E 14” and 17” are not.

The Vaio E Series 14” boasts a beautifully slimline chassis, is available in various striking colors, has a super sharp 1600 x 900 resolution and a low resistance touchpad, although attractively pleasing aside, the Vaio E Series 14” doesn’t offer any outstanding features or technologically innovatory surprises. Perhaps this is why Sony is so keen to promote the aesthetical attributes of this series.

A 17” version has joined the 14” as being the latest collections to the Vaio E collection. Possessing the same ultra-thin chassis, the only real difference with this model is that it because it has a large 17.3” screen, it is sizeable enough to accommodate two hard disc drives and has a maximum storage of 500GB. Like all of the new E series models convenience and appearance are priorities, and consequently both the Vaio E 14” and 17” come with Quick Web Access, which provides multiple tab browsing and a ‘split’ view.

These multimedia, ultra-skinny, and especially attractive notebooks will be available in the UK from May 2010, although a price has not yet been announced.

MSI launch GX640 & GX740 gaming notebooks

The MSI GX700 and GX640 have been designed by MSI for that most hard-to-please class of techhead; the gamer. The tagline- obscene performance for serious gamers- says tells you all you need to know about the products intended audience- social Pro Ev’ers need not bother.  Stick to your PS3 because these two brand new models, only launched in Europe on the 18th February, are for the guys that mean business  and think fourteen hours in front of Bioshock 2 as a standard use of their weekend.

They are all geared up to run as normal laptops, with Windows 7 as standard on both models.  However, it’s clear you wouldn’t pay the £999 asking price unless you really liked games.  Therefore, obviously, the most vital thing with the GX640 and GX700 is whether they deliver increased performance.  The spec for both is impressive; powered by the Intel Core i5 Processor they have an ATI Radeon HD5870 AND HD5850 graphics card.  Both these have 1G GDRR5 of memory which should enable the two machines to deliver better clearer visuals while losing less power and, in the gaming world, MSI enabling the GDRR5 on machines of this price is a very big deal indeed.  Although there are notable machines with this capability of these, they are in the upper end of the market.  MSI are hoping to be the standard bearer, and with its use of Turbo Boost technology- which regulates machine temperature and current and estimated power consumption- they are giving buyers the chance to get the absolute maximum value from their machines.

Both also come with a reasonable range of in-built features-DVD Super Multi and Blu-Ray player,  a 2.0M webcam and optional Bluetooth, though there is only a fairly stingy 3 USB ports.

It’s with weight that these models are really coming into their own.  The GX700 (17” display) comes in at only 3.2 kg, while the 640 (15.4” display) is a titchy 2.7 kg.  This makes carting it around easy, and easy to unravel on the bus/tube/train with the minimum of fuss and disruption to those around you.

All these features add up to the GX640 and GX700 being a true gamers delight, and early reports back on its performance have been generally positive.  Of course it takes a while for real value to be extracted, and to discover whether the drive and graphics card can run at the speed and resolution that the spec suggests it can.  But overall, it seems, if you are looking for an affordable laptop that will allow you to fulfil your desires for a top gaming performance, one of these will do the trick.