Pucca Noodle Rush iPhone app review

A someone who has played Get a Better Lover and Go Densha Go! I’m sure you can build a game around most things. But being a waitress? Even I was a little sceptical. But as I watched a whole weekend disappear to Game Dev Story, an engrossing game that simulates people sitting in an office making computer games I was prepared to give Pucca noodle rush a chance.


If you don’t know Pucca (and take a look at the screenshot above – she should seem pretty familiar) she is the 10-year old niece of three Chinese noodle house owners … and also the face of a multimillion dollar cross platform franchise, originally from South Korea and featured on lunch boxes, pencil cases, tv shows, bill boards and now iPhone apps (and a Wii game which we’ll be reviewing next week hopefully).

The game plot revolves around Pucca trying to save her uncle’s noodle restaurant when a tough rival opens up across the street. You control Pucca who is in charge of customer service, which means seating customers, taking orders, serving up, clearing tables, pocketing the cash and of course chasing away the ninjas hired by meddlesome rivals. Like any time management game, there are numerous split second decisions to make when seating customers: prioritise friends, loyal customers, and take rivalries and thorny personalities into account to avoid trouble.

A host of familiar characters from the Pucca-verse, including Abio, Chang, Ssoso and of course Garu (if you enjoy playing with the game, I’d spend ten minutes boning up on the Pucca-verse) will show their faces along the way, either to lend you a helping hand or to try to throw a spanner in the works.

Seating people, taking their order and collecting their empty dishes is the crux of the game and once you give over to the charming silliness, it’s a cute distraction that is deserving of your £1.79 – especially if you are a Pucca fan.

The Pucca app price has just been slashed to 59p. So if you are keen then jump on it.

I am of course, waiting for the game about reviewing iphone apps. Guaranteed 10/10.