Multimedia multitasker – Nero 11

If you want to do anything with multimedia files, whether it’s editing MP3 files, create slideshows, edit video, receiver data from damaged discs and loads more, Nero software seems to be able to do it all. Long gone are the days when all it did was burn data to CDs (although you can still do … Continue reading Multimedia multitasker – Nero 11

Nero saves the day: Nero 10 Platinum HD

Nero is an ambitious word. It’s tried to grab as many varied uses as possible: Crazed Roman Emperor, corporate coffee-joint, the New England Role-playing Organisation. For over 300 million users, however, the word is more familiar for burning CDs. Recently, the company behind the Nero Burning ROM software has become every bit as ambitious as … Continue reading Nero saves the day: Nero 10 Platinum HD