Afterguard, the world’s first heads-up display for sailors

Sailing has always been about cutting edge precision – from carefully plotted maps, to handcrafted compasses and sextants. And now they have the latest and greatest in instant data – a Heads Up Display, popularised by the Terminator in the saw way that Minority Report made developers fall in love with gesture-based interfaces. Wearables are … Continue reading Afterguard, the world’s first heads-up display for sailors

Top 5 Cycling Gadgets

Cycling has been in the news a lot lately, with the trialling of Dutch-style segregated roundabouts appearing alongside less positive stories about fatal road accidents. However, technology is playing a big part in improving the lives of Britain’s cyclists, and this list of gadgets and apps will assist with everything from safety and maintenance through … Continue reading Top 5 Cycling Gadgets

TomTom’s satnav “Traffic Manifesto”

TomTom has announced a philanthropic “Traffic Manifesto”, which explains Europe’s problem with congestion (we may have noticed that on our own) and gives some viable – and some free – solutions. The core philosophy behind the manifesto is that if drivers are better informed about congestion issues, they’ll be better able to avoid it. And … Continue reading TomTom’s satnav “Traffic Manifesto”