Christmas gifts for the budding cyclist

When it comes to presents, people can usually be defined by one key interest. If that interest is cycling, then you’ve come to the right page. We’ve toured the web and picked some of the greatest gifts any keen velo-driver might ever want.


For loved ones:  Wikku Mirror Indicators

Nothing says “I love you” more than anti-get-hit-by-a-car cycling mirror indicators. They bad boys fit on your handlebars and let you mirror, signal and then manoeuvre just like a real car.  £44.78.

Slightly-less-cheap-and-more-obscure-but-bear-with-me: TurboCharger iPhone 4 Back Pack from Proporta

Honestly, they’ll probably need an iPhone 4 to benefit from this one. Still, not only will it protect the iPhone from any scrapes and drops it might experience on a bike, but the 1700mAh pack will also double the phone’s battery life. Perfect for the cyclist using GPRS to map their route, or navigate, or blast out phat tunes with wanton disregard for road safety. £49.95.

For the music lover: Vita Audio R1 KMII

It’s a DAB radio. However, it’s also stylish and small, and can be purchased with a carry pack and a battery add-on so those crystal clear digital radio broadcasts can travel with you. After all, who hasn’t longed for the car radio experience while cycling along?

Apart from the novelty value, there are loads of other useful functions – adjustable bass and treble controls, an input for other audio devices (maybe the iPhone, with its enhanced battery pack?). If you’re planning on passing it on for Christmas, however, you may need to hand over an I.O.U. – it’s not out ‘til June!

The London Cycler (someone whose bicycle has recently been stolen): MyVelo Customised Bike

If you like your bike to make a statement about you, you’ll need it customised. MyVelo builds bikes based on your specification – you choose which type of saddle, frame, wheel, grips, mudguards and colours you what.

Once you’ve picked out your colour scheme (or used a pre-design style or a random selection), you can either head to the showroom to watch the bike being built, or just sit back and wait for it to be delivered. Easy.

The bikes themselves are all hybrid-sports cycles, available in both men’s and women’s lightweight aluminium alloy frames. If you’re one to boast about these things, they’ve got 21-speed Shimano gears, Italian Selle Bassano 3 zone comfort seat and Kenda puncture resistant tyres. £375.