My Keepon and Air Swimmers: New kids gadgets from Wow! Stuff!

If you’re looking to for a memorable toy to buy the kids this Christmas, then perhaps look no further than two new toys from the British-based toy manufacturer Wow! Stuff! – A limited edition interactive robot called My Keepon and remote controlled fish known as Air Swimmers.


Going into partnership with the US-based robot designer Beatbots, the soon to be available my Keepon has apparently been tipped by retailers to ‘steal the limelight this Christmas.’ No sooner was this little robotic toy, which resembles Sooty without any ears, was featured dancing on a video of indie rock band Spoon’s “I Turn My Camera On”, ‘My keepon’ became an instant Internet sensation, boasting 6 million views on YouTube worldwide.

Recognising its potential to be a success beyond the digital boundaries of the World Wide Web, Wow! Stuff! is bringing a real version of My Keepon to the masses, which, having an array of touch sensors hidden underneath his skin, responds to every tickle, pat and squeeze. This loveable robotic toy can even sneeze, scratch his nose, act sad, sleepy, inquisitive, giggly and not to mention dance. With a built-in microphone in My Keepon’s nose, kids can listen to the music they play whilst their new friend mimics the beats – no wonder he’s been dubbed as stealing the toy limelight this Christmas!

This fluffy, yellow boogie toy is suitable, we are told, for children ages six and over and will soon be available at Toys R Us, Hamleys and Argos.

Although also battling for the number one toy spot this Christmas is Wow! Stuff!’s other audacious creation – giant sized flying fish known as Air Swimmers. These colossal flying fish come in two different species, an intimidating flying shark or an equally as frightening airborne clownfish – no wonder their only suitable for kids aged eight and upwards!

With radio controlled handsets, kids can play games and manoeuvre the helium-filled fish in whatever direction they desire – Scenes of nightmarish bedlam on Christmas day are beginning to fill my mind!

If making your child’s Christmas dreams come true this year by letting them wake up to the latest interactive toy this Christmas then head on down to Argos to pick up a giant Air Swimmer – although with a helium-filled fish this colossal, storing it may prove problematic!

Wow! Stuff!