Logitech G600: A gaming mouse for the MMO generation

Is your old bog-standard mouse getting a bit rusty when you play WoW or LotRO? In that case, maybe it’s time to invest in the new Logitech G600, a mouse especially designed for MMO players.


The customisable mouse features a grand total of 20 buttons (yes, on a mouse!), with 12 of the buttons set on a side panel for ease of use. Fully programmable, you can create your own key-commands or just stick with one of the three default profiles, pre-set for MMO and general games.

For the real geek in you, you will be pleased to hear that the thumb panel is illuminated when in use, and you can choose which colour you want it to be from an incredible 16 million different tones. Or at least, it’s 16 million according to the press release. You can also decide if you would like the illumination to pulse, cycle through all of the colours or glow continually if you so wish.

Ticking all the right boxes for comfort, performance, illuminated panels and above all else, more buttons than the average keyboard sorts, this is a demon of a mouse. Designed especially for those long gaming sessions, the G600 is everything an online gamer could want out of a mouse, and then some.

Priced at £69.99 the G600 hits the shops at the beginning of July. For more information visit www.logitech.com.

Gear up for war! Logitech announce new Call of Duty-inspired keyboards and mice

With the world and his uncle gibbering in excitement by the prospect of playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, what better way to prepare yourself by investing in a COD-styled keyboard and mouse set? The Logitech G105 gaming keyboard and G9X mouse have been especially designed to improve  your gameplay and allows you to pull off tricky maneuvers that would be nigh on impossible using a conventional PC set up.


The keyboard is perhaps the most visually stunning example we have seen, complete with its night-vision LED backlit keys to look the part. Seeing as most gamers prefer to play with the lights off, this can prove to be a real boon when burning the midnight oil.

Featuring six fully programmable G-keys, the G105 can keep up to 18 macro combinations to assist you whilst you play. With one press of the button, once programmed, you can perform complex maneuvers which normally require a combination of different keystrokes.

Advanced anti-ghosting technology allows you to press up to five different keys at once, thus allowing you to aim, shoot, run, jump and make a cup of tea all at the same time. What more could you want?

The mouse too, has been designed with the serious gamer in mind, with an ultras precision speed of up to 165 inches per second. Need to move your gun around in a hurry and fire with pin-point precision? Then this is the mouse for you. You can even adjust the pixel targeting from 200dpu up to an incredibly rapid 5700dpi, making this an impressive bit of kit, and the mouse of choice for the hardcore gamer.

Whilst we have not been given a release date, rest assured as soon as we do we will test them to death and give you the full lowdown on both.

For more information, please visit www.logitech.com

Cherry washable keyboard and mouse: Compliant with well overdue cleanliness legislation

Conforming to new legislation in the UK aimed at providing ultra-clean environments in hospital operating theatres and dental practises to limit the possibility of infection, the electronics components company Cherry, has introduced a series of washable computer input devices that will significantly adhere to the new legislation.


The Cherry J84-2120 is a backlit washable keyboard that has an entirely sealed rubber top casing and no tiny nooks and crannies for germs to hide and fester. The keyboard, which has a NEMA-4 rating – that’s enclosures constructed that provide protection against the ingress of solid foreign objects, for those not ‘au fait’ with such specialist terminology – can be washed with harsh hospital disinfectant solutions. This highly durable washable keyboard can be operated in severely diverging temperatures, ranging from -40 degrees Celsius to +70 degrees Celsius. The backlighting can also be adjusted depending on the ambient lighting and user’s requirements.

The Cherry J84-2120 washable keyboard costs approximately £250 to purchase.

Corresponding to the features of the Cherry washable keyboard is the MW-2800 series of washable optical mice, which are compact and completely sealed in a silicon-based NEMA-4 rated casing. Similar to the J84-2120, the Cherry MW-2800 series are completely washable and will function perfectly even after a full dousing in strong hospital disinfectant. Featuring three scroll buttons, not only is PC and internet navigation quick and simple, but the build-up of dirt and bacteria is eliminated.

These ultra-clean mice are retailed from approximately £60 each.

With the rise of healthcare-associated infections in recent years, with regrettably in some cases patients instead of being nursed back to health in hospital have contracted an often fatal healthcare-associated infection, the new legislation to provide ultra-clean environment in health practises is arguably well overdue, and equipment such as the Cherry washable keyboard and mouse should be a compulsory feature of an operating theatre.

LINDY Gyro Mouse: Keep control of your computer with 3D waves

Having to place your laptop and mouse on a straight and solid surface for it to function properly is about to become another obsolete feature of modern computers.  Thanks to LINDY Electronics Gyro Mouse we can now control our cursors whilst slouching on a soft settee, dancing around the room, or even whilst we are tucked up in bed.


Being kitted out with a gyroscopic function, the Gyro Mouse responds to 3D gestures in the air and with double axis gyro motion sensing technology, this pioneering mouse can be operated with precision control up to 10 metres away from the host computer, regardless of line of sight limitations.

Although when your flaunt with 3D waves to wiggle your cursor is over, the Gyro Mouse’s different modes of application enables you to revert back to 2D sensing for desktop use. LINDY’s new mouse may also be a great addition to a gaming fanatic’s electronic gear, as when in gaming mode, the Gyro Mouse keeps the cursor steady whilst double clicking, yet maintains an ultra-rapid cursor response.

The 3D-gestured responsive mouse is, like most modern mice, easy to set up and use, by simply slotting it into the host computer’s USB port and clicking on the wireless connect button. The Gyro Mouse is compatible with Mac OS, Linux and Windows XP/Vista/7 and when the mouse is in 2D mode its laser sensor can be used with both 800 or 1600 dpi resolutions for an even more precise and accurate control.

Talking about how the Gyro Mouse can disengage computer and laptop users from their desktop and therefore unleash a new found freedom within cursor control, Andrew Ingham, Product Manager of LINDY Electronics, says:“Whether it’s controlling media applications, surfing the net from your settee or wandering around a classroom whilst continuing to update the display, our latest wireless air mouse makes it easy. With no wires or line of sight concerns users can move about more freely without losing control of their computer.”

At a fairly modest £59.99, we reckon the Gyro Mouse is just about worth its price tag, if not for the fact we can stay firmly rooted on the sofa and operate our computers with extreme precision and control.

Nexus Silent Mouse SM-7000B: Phasing out the mouse click


It wasn’t until I read about the Nexus Silent Mouse SM-7000B that I realised how annoying the ‘clicking’ noise a mouse makes is. In fact I wish I had never read about this innovative gadget, as now every time I use my mouse I am conscious of the noise it makes, whilst prior to reading the Nexus press release I hadn’t even thought about a mouse’s ‘click’, let alone it been annoyed by it.

This advanced 2.4G wireless optical mouse connects to any PC, laptop or MAC via an extra-small nano receiver. By incorporating Patented Silent Switch Technology, the Nexus Silent Mouse SM-7000B, as its name suggests, is completely silent, producing no annoying clicking sound. Although I was obviously alone in my oblivion towards a mouse’s infuriating sounds, as according to Michael van de Jagt of Nexus Technology, Nexus customers have been pushing them for some time to produce a silent mouse and eradicate the maddening clicking noise forever.

“You will be amazed how much more relaxing it is when you get rid of this useless sound. We have many TV and radio studio customers that have been pushing us for this product and we notice that it is appreciated by home and office users also,” said Mr Van der Jagt.

Check out this demo video:

According to Nexus, the clicking sound a mouse makes was a deliberate sound to show confirmation that you have clicked on an icon, but now that PCs are significantly faster, they show a graphical reaction to your click, which is almost immediate, and therefore making the mouse click noise defunct.

It’s also available in white:


Although the qualities of this avant-garde mouse do not stop at its soundless nature. Being a comfortable size and possessing a quality surface treatment, the SM-7000B feels great in your hand and is comfortable to use, and, thanks to a tiny nano receiver, you can plug the mouse into a USB port and forget about it. Furthermore, there is a convenient 1000/1600 DPI selection switch positioned on top of the mouse, which enables users to alter its speed, slow when you require accuracy and fast when you need speed.

Similar to when you are decorating a house, the more you decorate and modernise, the more it shows up areas, previously regarded as acceptable, to be shabby and untidy, modern technology, as it evolves, has the tendency to make us keep yearning to replace gadgets and technological arenas previously considered as adequate. The Nexus Silent Mouse SM-7000B definitely comes into this bracket, as an hour ago I wasn’t fazed by a mouse’s ‘click’ whatsoever, so I cannot wait to buy the Silent Mouse.

Find out more at http://www.nxstek.com/nexus_silent_mouse.htm

Three blinding mice

Miss a mouse when you’re using a notebook or laptop? Cherry has just released three mice into the world – all of them wireless – to help anyone on the go work just a little bit easier.


First out of the cage is the Life Nano, a wireless laser mouse, which features a plug-in nano USB receiver – it’s so small in facet that it can stay tidily stored in the laptop when it’s closed. Aimed at the business user, the Life Nano offers 2.4GHz wireless technology up to 5m, which makes it ideal for presentations. Its plug and play set up should make life simpler as well. An energy saving on/off switch aims to save power when it’s not being used, and it is sleek and glossy in its black overcoat. Designed for right-hander, it costs £24.99.

For working on the go, the Passenger is a mini optical house that has a speedy 1000 dpi scanning resolution and a nifty insertable receiver. Wireless, with a range of 1.2m, it also features an intelligent power concept (apparently) to save on battery life. It has a three-button, symmetrical design which is suitable for both lefties and rightist and comes in black with a blue scroll wheel or in a white-and-silver colour scheme. For sale at around £17.99.

And bringing up the rear is an optical wireless mouse called Azuro, which unsurprisingly comes in a dark blue colour. With a range of 10m, it offers usability straight out of the box with plug and play, and offers two scanning resolutions – 500 dpi and 1000 dpi. It also has forward and back buttons for web browsing, and a red LED warns when the battery is getting low. Users can also assign different keys on the mouse to specific functions, using the free Keym@an for Windows software from the Cherry website. The Azuro costs £14.99.

The three mice are available from the likes of Dabs, E-Buyer, and Amazon.

For more details head to www.cherry.co.uk

Move over plastic, wooden gadgetry is moving into pole position

From wooden toys to wooden cutlery, wooden beamed ceilings to wooden flooring, there is something tasteful, classy and ‘reassuring’ about products made out of wood. With manufacturers preferring to opt for more modern and polished materials, such as plastic and acrylic, high-tech gadgets are not traditionally associated with wood. Although when technology gadgetry has been carved out of wood, the results are inventive, charming and exceptionally refined. Latest Gadgets takes a look at five of the most inventive high-tech wooden gadgets, which provide a refreshing shred of naturalism and old-fashioned-ness in a world reliant on the synthetic.


Swedx Wooden Keyboard and Mouse

Keyboards and ‘mouses’ they don’t exactly possess attractiveness and elegance, do they? Given their bulkiness and inelegant nature, it is hardly surprising that the humble and slightly outdated keyboard and mouse have been replaced by the more technologically suave touchscreen in recent years. Although having been crafted from ash wood, the Swedx Wooden Keyboard and Mouse offer a much-needed grace and class to what can only be described as almost archaic gadgetry.

Oooms Wooden USB Stick

Now USB sticks, pens, storages, whatever you want to call them, are prone to becoming one of those collectable gimmicky kind of items. Similar to how its name inaugurates an air of intrigue, these unique USB pens resemble a sort of stumpy twig with a metal USB head poking out the top. Well that’s exactly what they are actually – quite a conversation stimulator in the office to be sure.

Vers iPad Shellcase

Transform your iPad into a more distinguished and refined looking gadget with the Vers iPad Shellcase. This handcrafted case is available in cherry wood, bamboo and walnut, and is a great way to accessorize your iPad so it is immediately distinguishable from the monotonous flash of conventional iPad casing. Apart from its idiosyncratic advantages, the Vers iPad Shellcase can be also propped up by a metal foot into landscape or portrait position.

I-Dear Mini Wooden Speaker

Measuring a mere 26 x 30 x 20mm, this miniature wooden speaker is an endearing gem of collectable high-tech gadgets made from wood. The speaker comes equipped with a USB cable so it can be charged from a computer, and for something so petite and understated, the I-Dear Mini Wooden Speaker has a remarkably long battery life of five-hours, making it a cunningly unobtrusive blaster of your favourite tunes.

Audio Technica ATH-W1000 Headphones

Big and bulky headphones may be synonymous with walkmans and the 80s, but if you are anything like me and cannot stand these minute ear ‘buds’, that claim will stay in your ears no matter how vigorous your activity, but fall out at the slightest flutter, good old full-size headphones will never surmise. If you are of this inclination why not make your headphones as stylish as possible, by purchasing Audio Technica’s vibration-proof ATH-W100 Headphones?

Swiftpoint: The ultra mini-mouse

Hate trackpads? Go on admit it I won’t tell anyone. Trackpads can be amazing – Apple’s multi-touch efforts are pretty swanky and in general the technology has improved since my early days battling IBM Thinkpad nubs. But for detailed work, or frustration free computing … it’s nice to have a mouse. But with laptops getting smaller and lighter (not to mention netbooks with smaller, even more frustrating trackpads and even less space to use a mouse) adding a conventional mouse to your set up doesn’t always make sense. If you actually have the laptop on your lap (or a snazzy Logitech Lapdesk) then having a mouse is a little awkward.


Enter Swiftpoint Ltd, a New Zealand-based technology company and their super cute Swiftpoint mouse. Fitting snugly over your thumb, the Swiftpoint mouse is dinky yet packs a host of features and design points that Swiftpoint claim improve productivity. With all the buttons you’d expect, plus a carefully positioned scroll wheel the Swiftpoint mouse does seem like a step up from the clunky manoeuvring trackpads provide.

A tiny USB dongle links your laptop (or any computer really) the Swiftmouse and you are pretty much ready to go. An annoying message pops up on Macs but this can safely be ignored. The dongle also acts as a dock. A 90-minute charge will provide between 2-to-4 weeks of normal use, whilst a 30-second burst will give the user an hour of usage time, even if the battery has been completely drained.

I created the Swiftpoint Mouse because of my own frustration with the touchpad, which I and many others consider to be a very inaccurate and inefficient substitute for a mouse,” said Grant Odgers, CEO, Swiftpoint.

“After four years of intensive research, design, development and testing, we are proud to present the final result – a mouse that you can use directly on your palm rest to turn your laptop into a no-compromise mobile workstation, no matter how cramped your work space is.”

The Swiftpoint mouse is available from www.amazon.co.uk at a RRP of £59.99 inc VAT.