Auto Trader ignition iPad app

Working in tech I’m promised “the future” about once a week. I love my tablets and do think it’s crazy the amount of things I can do on slim slate of glass that pops easily in my bag. But I’ve always found the slow uptake of magazines disappointing. When the iPad was first unveiled I thought “well I guess I’m never handling another physical comic or magazine again”. Yet two years later (has it just been two years) publishers are still hesitant to fully commit to the platform.


Auto Trader, who are no stranger to innovative apps, have decided enter the tablet market, unveiling a new monthly interactive tablet publication “ignition”. Auto Trader is the UK’s number one digital marketplace to buy and sell new and used cars so it’s an encouraging step for digital publishing in general that they are embracing tablet-living.

“Mobile is an extremely important and growing channel for Auto Trader. With over one million unique users per month accessing the Auto Trader website on an iPad (via an internet browser or Auto Trader iPad application), we wanted to create an interactive and innovative publication that the audience can engage with at their convenience.

Auto Trader’s Director of Mobile, Nick Gee

ignition is designed to make life easy for readers looking to buy a new or used car rather than just a pdf of the magazine with a few hyperlinks tossed in (no need to name and shame but those publications know who they are). There’s in-app search functionality to load dedicated search results from Auto Trader’s online market place. There’s also a live Twitter feed with information about the different vehicles for sale via Auto Trader and readers can even post straight to their own Twitter or Facebook profiles from within the app.

“ignition is a chance for Auto Trader to become more relevant across other parts of our audience’s motoring lives. Having a publication full of thought-provoking and entertaining content, plus a seamless link into the UK’s biggest marketplace for new and used cars, will offer something unique to the car-buying public.”

Editor-in-Chief at Auto Trader, Jon Quirk

ignition is available initially on iPad devices with a launch price of £1.49.

Piqued your interest? The first issue of ignition is available to download now from the Apple Newsstand.