mophie duo and mini: Power for the 1%

I love shiny electronic devices, which is handy for a job reviewing shiny electronic devices. But they can be so demanding ,both on my attention span and on power levels. I’m often in rooms with people fretting over battery levels and oft-times constrained by their devices. I’ve heard “I’d love to … but I’ve only got 6% on my battery so I should probably head home.”


However mophie have come to rescue my social life. Firstly they told me to stop wearing denim shirts. It hasn’t been the 80s for a very very long time. And it looked bad then. And secondly they’ve brought out two new powerstations, a duo and a mini; universal battery backup devices for your smartphone or in the case of the duo, your tablet too.

The mini is a compact little power house with enough juice to charge an iPhone one and a half times. And if you want to be the life and soul of the recharging party, you can rock the duo, which has two USB ports so you could charge two phones, or a tablet and phone together. Imagine the love you’d get in social settings as you boost your friend’s device. It could be the new “Hey need a light” method of meeting amazing new people.

“Our original powerstation has been incredibly successful due to its ability to charge virtually any portable device with a USB output, and we’ve been working aggressively to offer a wider range of solutions for those carrying USB-enabled devices,” said “The duo and mini deliver a huge amount of power and round out our juice pack universal line of external portable power solutions to keep consumers charged up when they need it most.”

Ross Howe, vice president of marketing at mophie.

The duo packs 6,000 mAh, just short of a full charge for the iPad one or two (6,600 mAh), or half charge an iPad 3 (11,560 mAh). They were both released yesterday and prices are £49.95 for the Mini and £89.95 for the Duo.

Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation PRO: Peace of mind to for iOS addicts

iPhones, with their unassailable ability to make their owners pick them up and start fervently pawing the screen the same way monkeys zealously pick nits out of each other’s fur, have a tendency to run out of ‘juice’ somewhat prematurely!

If you’re anything like the millions of others who are somewhat addicted to caressing their iPhones all too frequently and thus draining the battery of life far too frequently, you may be interested in learning about the Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation PRO.


This highly rugged high-output battery backup means that you can recharge the love of your life even if you happen to be on top of Mount Everest, shipwrecked on Robinson Crusoe’s island or anywhere that’s nowhere near an electricity supply.

And with a 2.1A power and a 6,000 mAh battery, the Juice Pack Powerstation PRO can breathe life into more power-demanding of gadgets, such as the iPad or other tablets or any other gadget for that matter that takes a charge from USB.

With a rubber casing sheathed over an aluminium body, providing a watertight shield over the USB ports, and with an IP-65 rating that will protect against sand, dirt and dist, unlike many gadgets that flinch and wither at the first sign of water, shock or dirt, the Powerstation PRO is designed to resist all external shocks and potential damages that might be thrown at it!

The Californian-based company’s latest product is also capable of switching between 500 mAh, 1A, and 2.1A charge.

What’s more, with a high-output battery, changing is ultra fast, meaning we don’t have to patiently twiddle our thumbs as we wait for our favourite gadgets to be juiced to the max!

So how much would having peace of mind that we won’t be forced to endure the terrifying prospect of being without iPhone juice and being nowhere near a power supply? – £104.99…hmm could definitely be worth it.

Mophie launches the next generation of iPhone and iPod battery packs

We all know what a pain it can be when your iPhone or iPod runs out of battery when you are out on the road. Your heart sinks when you see you only have a few minutes of battery life left. With no access to a plug, you are forced to wait until you get home before you can recharge. However, help is at hand thanks to the clever chaps at Morphie, who have recently released a range of portable battery chargers ensuring you are never stuck for a boost of power when out and about again.


Dubbed the Juice Pack Universal line, there are three different types of portable battery available; the Reserve, Boost and Powerstation. Why three different types? Well it all depends on how much energy each holds and the size of your budget…

The basic Reserve battery has a capacity of 700 mAh, and can give your iPhone or iPod that extra lease of life that is needed when you need a quick pick-me-up. The Reserve comes with a keyring that makes it convenient to carry around with you. Slightly more powerful is the Boost, which can charge your device up to 100% battery thanks to its 2000 mAh capacity. The Boost also comes with a stand for you to rest your device on whilst charging.

Finally at the top of the tree is the Powerstation, which as its name suggests, is the most powerful of the three battery chargers. With a energy happy 4000 mAh to its name, the Powerstation can not only handle iPhone and iPod charging, but will also cater for any USB-enabled device.

Having given each device the through testing it deserves, we can assure you they really are life-savers, you really will be able to wave goodbye to the days of dead-battery frustration. Never leave your home without one!

Available now from the Apple store.

For more information on Mophie’s range of products, visit

mophie juice pack air iPhone 4 battery pack review

As a hardcore iPhone user, constantly texting, tweeting or streaming from my shiny device I’m a big fan of battery packs. Much as I miss the days of being able to run a phone for days on a single charge, the multifunctional magic of the iPhone (or any modern smartphone) makes it hard to go back. So I was keen to try out mophie’s new juice pack air.


mophie’s juice pack air is on its ninth iteration, so they’ve had a lot of experience in beefing up power on iPhones. Whilst anyone can strap a massive battery onto the side of an iPhone, retaining a degree of protection and style takes practice and it’s something the mophie team have a fair degree of experience in.

Packing a 1500mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery, the juice pack air snap delivers: up to an additional 6 hours on 3G, up to 12 hours on 2G, of talk time; up to an additional 36 hours of audio playback or; up to an additional 9 hours video playback.

But how about the case itself? The soft-touch rubber finish prevents slipping and the additional bulk, whilst evident isn’t distractingly large and remains pocket friendly. A clear highlight is the bottom cap snap design, which allows for easy access to the 30 pin connector – handy if you wanted to pop the iPhone into a dock of some description. Of course the case allows for pass-through USB charging and syncing so if you want to you can hook up with iTunes, although the coming iOS 5 update should allow for joyous wireless synching.

The open top supports a variety of headphone audio jack plug ins and easy access to power button, whilst cut out features provide convenient access to volume buttons and mute switch. The case design also acts as a virtual speaker box, redirecting sound from the bottom of the iPhone 4 to the front, resulting in a richer, fuller sound quality. Basically this juice pack air won’t be getting in between you and your iPhone.

The juice pack air snap is £59.95 from or

Glamming up the iPad 2 with the Mophie Workbook

Mophie, the California-based designer and manufacturer of mobile intelligent devices and accessories, has launched the Workbook for iPad 2 – a “smart case with interchangeable colour straps that delivers protection and style.”


This lightweight and adjustable case doubles up as a stand, which, by enabling various angles for typing, browsing and viewing, improves the whole iPad 2 user experience.

If you are after greater flexibility from Apple’s second generation of the iPad, then Mophie are driven to deliver the “protection, portability and enhanced function iPad 2 users want,” says Megan Harmon, Regional Sales Manager at Mophie.

Not only does this classy iPad 2 stand created ‘infinite viewing’ and typing angles, but it offers ‘magnetic closure’, meaning users can wake up their iPad 2 by opening the case and once their done, put it back to sleep by closing the case.

iPad cases, like many modern technological accessories, are even featuring on catwalks across the world, being marketed as the latest must-have fashion accessory. Given their dedication to offering a chic defence against wear and tear, Mophie’s Workbook predictably comes available in multiple colour combinations, with ‘mix and match straps’, meaning fashion-conscious technology consumers can change their iPad 2 case’s straps to match their handbags and shoes.

With a soft interior, your beloved iPad 2 can sit snugly inside the Workbook, while its tough and durable exterior protects it from any potential damages it could be exposed to.

If owning an iPad 2 isn’t impressive enough and you are looking to impress friends, colleagues and friends even further, swank Mophie’s Workbook for iPad 2 and stylishly showcase the contents of your iPad 2 in the optimum of angles and light.