Casemate iPhone 4 case roundup

Casemate flew over to the UK with a big bag full of their latest and greatest iPhone cases to discuss over coffee. We see a lot of iPhone cases at Latest Gadget towers so it takes a fair amount to impress us – unique features, innovative design or something else eye-popping. Protecting our iPhone from knocks and bumps is no longer good enough.


Encompassing that sense of “fun” were the Monsta and Waddler cases in their Creature collection. The £19.99 Monsta case is a silicon case that covers and shields your iPhone from the elements, whilst providing a visually striking design that’s a bit more fun than the average case and makes good use of the iPhone 4’s camera. Equally if not more cute is the Waddler. Any case labelled with “conceptual penguin design” is ok by me and the little webbed feet keychain and bight colours made me automatically exclaim “awwww” when I saw it … much to my embarrassment.

Much more functional was the ID – a case with a built in slot for two credit card sized cards. I had the 3GS version of the ID and it was amazingly useful for when you wanted to travel light, night out or best-forgotten misadventures with skinny jeans that we promised never to mention again.

The most incredible case I saw however, was the Kayla Clutch, which was a testament to the degree to which phones in general (but smartphones in particular) have become a part of our lives. The Kayla Clutch is a hybrid iPhone case and fashionable tiny handbag that you can fix a little strap to. Apparently it incorporates two of the seasons top trends – colour block and clutches – but that sort of information is lost on a man who wanders through life in Scud the Disposable Assassin T-Shirts. Nevertheless I was impressed at the design and expect the to be quite popular when they are released in Autumn.

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