Samsung SPF-1000P digital photoframe review

Being the nation’s least wanted gift item, digital photoframes (or makers of the rather) are in a odd position. Do they simply give up? Or innovate their pants off? Nix who we looked at earlier and Samsung have decided to throw technology at the problem and released feature-packed digital photoframes.

To even call the 1000p a digital photoframe seems to be doing it a disservice, the poor thing is working overtime as a movie player, music player and mini monitor. But more on that later.


Out of the box the 1000p has the type of high-end design that Samsung hopes you’d expect from them by now. The frame looks like a tiny version of a Samsung 8 series TV, which is pretty cool. The frame is attached to a stand (filled with speakers, ports and other electronics) and has an odd but relatively sturdy hinge to change the viewing angle. The buttons are discreet looking touch sensitive affairs, which light up when you touch them and generally add a touch of class to proceedings.

Photo transfer to the 1024 x 600 10″ screen is a pretty straight forward affair – makers of digital photo frames have all cottoned on that this is something they have to make as easy as possible. You can attach a USB cable (supplied) to your PC and drag and drop files across. Or you can pop a USB card in. Or a SD card. Or even Bluetooth a file across from your phone. The 2GB onboard storage is also pretty decent – and of course you can just whack a larger USB key or SD card in if this isn’t good enough for you. Pictures are automatically resized and generally look pretty good.

There’s also a cool looking blackboard clock (among other designs), video playback (divx included) and mp3 support. The inbuilt speakers won’t blow you away but are acceptable – especially to accompany a slideshow.

The USB connection also allows you to use the 1000p as a secondary monitor for your PC. And literally your IBM PC as this feature isn’t Mac compatible.

The Samsung SPF-1000P digital photoframe is a tad under £150

First look at the Acer GN245HQ 3D monitor


The great thing about being an early adopter is that you are never short of a few friends wanting to coming over and gaze at your shiny new gadget. Dinner party conversation invariably leads to talk about a new app and how it’s ‘changed my life’, only to find another one the following week that supersedes everything that went before it. That’s technology for you. The trouble is, more often than not, it can be too complicated or a little niche for many people. Thankfully, with 3D we don’t have that problem, simply because you can don a pair of specs and just sit back and enjoy the view without having to know anything about pixel size, nano transistors or micro biology.

So, news that Acer’s world first foray into NVIDIA HDMI 3D with the GN245HQ monitor will be very welcome indeed, because it will show just what the NVIDIA 3D stereoscopic technology is capable of. Its built-in 3D Vision IR emitter will support both DL DVI for frame sequential stereo 3D as long as you have a set top box to capture 3D broadcasting, as well as HDMI 1.4a for consumer electronic devices that support stereo 3D such as blu-ray disc players, 3D cameras and HDMI 3D game consoles getting you up close and personal and putting you right in there with all the action.

The 24-inch GN245HQ offers up to 100 million:1 contrast, full HD (1920×1080) resolution; a 23.6? LED backlit panel with a 16:9 aspect ratio; a 120Hz refresh rate which is essential for creating 3D effects in the first place giving a lightning fast response time of just 2ms without all that annoying flicker that befalls lower refresh rates.

It is an effective and elegant package for enhanced home entertainment, particularly as NVIDIA 3D glasses with their advanced active shutter 3D technology are included too.

Acer, not just content with cutting edge design, also takes a nod in the direction of friendly eco aware manufacturing as the GN245HQ is mercury free and has in the region of 68% energy saving in its LED backlighting technology.

Is this another step towards blurring the lines of PC and TV display? Only time will tell, but this monitor will certainly provide another topic around the dinner table and give you that instant wow factor too.

Out mid March 2011 £419.99 including VAT and a 2 year warranty.

Packard Bell Maestro 230 LED HD –Top-notch digital viewing from a different angle

Traditionally, asymmetrical entities are not synonymous with beauty, with symmetrically-formed objects being considered more ‘pleasing to the eye’. Although modern technology is so intensely competitive; it is grappling with ways to stand out from its competitors. Packard Bell’s latest venture achieves this desire to be salient and striking in two ways – one, with its asymmetric and striking design, and two, with its emphasis on being environmentally-friendly.


The 230 LED HD boasts an ultra-thin design, stood upon an asymmetrical stand. This unique combination of being exceptionally slender and uneven in symmetry inventively creates an ultra-stylish piece of technology, which asides from the eye-catching effects its cutting-edge design invokes, means this graceful monitor can be easily adjusted and digital viewing can be watched and enjoyed from any angle.

This premium viewing experience is furthered with a 1920×1080 resolution, a 12,000,000:1 contrast ratio and a rapid 5 ms response time – the perfect resolution for an exceptionally high-quality picture.

Connect the Packard Bell Maestro 230 LED HD effortlessly to home entertainment devices via a DVI or VGA port with HDCP protection and an all-digital HDMI interface, which delivers only the finest quality of high-definition viewing and uncompressed video when connected to a DVD player or gaming console.

Asides it’s uniquely stylish design and top-quality HD viewing, another arena where the Maestro 230 LED HD stands out, is its accent on being environmentally-friendly. With today’s ‘alleged’ commitment to finding ‘greener’ alternatives to impede the damage inflicted on the planet, future technology must adapt to more ecologically aware alternatives. Not only is this sophisticated HD LED monitor Energy Star 5.0 compliant and, thanks to white LED technology, provides up to 68% power savings, but it contains no hazardous substances such a halogen gases and mercury. Packard Bell’s commitment to producing an eco-friendly product is expanded by the fact the monitors come packed in highly recyclable materials, correctly labelled with composition codes and recycling symbols.

This ‘wiser’ choice of monitor, which will quickly turn into an indispensable, great looking feature in a modern living room, will be available to purchase in May in UK outlets.

Packard Bell’s HD LED TV: “Actually I preferred to be called Maestro”

Packard Bell, the highly regarded Taiwanese electronics company, have launched their stylish Maestro TV. This HD LED-backlit set is likely to become a focal point of lounges throughout the UK.

Owners of old-style box televisions may be interested to hear that the Maestro measures just 19mm in width. Movie lovers can experience all of their favourite flicks on the 16:9 widescreen and sports fans will enjoy seeing tackles and slams in glorious HD.


The dynamic contrast peaks at an impressive 12,000,000:1 and the digital HDMI™ connectivity allows the Maestro to become an integrated part of any hi tech entertainment system.

Packard Bell were keen to ensure that the TV was user friendly, which is why they kitted it out with 2 HDMI connectors and 1 USB connector. You will also discover a coixal connector for digital sound, SCART, VGA, PC and Audio-in and component connectors at the back of the Maestro.

This television has extremely advanced screen technology, combined with a 5mms response time, ideal for all of your gaming needs. It may be a struggle to keep children away from this exciting gadget.

You may not believe the sound quality produced by the 2X5 watt built in speakers, which allow for a fully immersive music experience.

Those people who want to show off their wedding and holiday piccies will be interested to hear that the Maestro can be connected to cameras and DVD players. If you’ve decided to hit the town for an all night party then you can record your favorite programmes using a 32GB USB key.

Those individuals who take their environmental responsibilities seriously may be interested to hear that the mercury-free LED panel uses 68% less energy than old CCFL panels. The Maestro is also fully compliant with Energy 5.0 saving standards.

This impressive new TV is currently on sale at the relatively inexpensive price of £250.